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Gone are the days of jacks of all trades, constructing house/office takes reasonably huge money and specialized skilled personnel. Besides construction, giving overall beauty and aesthetics values to your residential and commercial area is again a complete different story. Your dream must be in the hands of specialists in order to get actual shape.

As the demands of these experts have skyrocketed in last two decades, market is flooded by the consultants, experts and service providers. Choosing experts for all individual phases of the project is not easy for any regular person. It’s very much possible that you end up getting fickle-minded, if not completely messed up with an inefficient one.

To avoid any such hassles, KreateCube took that responsibility and picked, refined and enlisted the best service providers. As we have noticeably nice experience of working in the same field, we understand what all can go wrong when choosing competent Architects, Interior Designers, Modular Kitchen Designers, and Builders/Contractors. Following is the refined information of consultants we serve:


Architecture is the initial and reasonably the most important part of the construction. Architects are the wizards who have all that is needed to give shape to a dream structure. Here, we have collected the best Architects of different localities. You might love to go through our list of Architects in your own location. All the Architects are marked with review ratings to help you make your decision.

Interior Designers

Designing the interiors of the structure is the most creative task involved with the building. We have carefully enlisted the experienced Interior Designers in your city. The Interior Designers in our list are well acquainted with the Hospitality Industry, Commercial Sector, Health Care, Retail, and Housing Space.

Modular Kitchen

In order to make sure your daily cooking and dining experience is a bliss, you will need an expert to design and shape that ambiance for you. We have collected the best Modular Kitchen Designers to choose from in your city. You can grab the details of the desired consultants and can also request for a free quote instantly.


Contractors are the masters of their specific yet important shows. To reduce the stress of our clients, we have arranged the list of contractors associated with the following services such as Waterproofing, Pop and False Ceiling, Civil, Sanitary, Plumbing, Stone and Tile Services, Electrical, Painting, and Woodworks etc.

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KreateCube offers the comprehensive collection of the latest, trendy and creative design hacks for all parts of the house like Kitchen, Bedroom, Kid’s Room, Dining Room, Office, Bathroom, Wardrobe, False Ceiling and Living Room. Find a wide range of ideas with great variety in the visual form to pick from and utilize for redesigning your place.