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  • Muskan Verma

    Reviewed at Kamalam Construction

    Very professional house and building civil construction company in Lucknow . kamalam Construction firm Offered quality craftsmanship throughout our house construction and interior designing paying extra attention to detail for all niche areas, following up methodically with any alterations. Fully satisfied and would highly recommend


  • Sukhmanpreet

    Reviewed at Arcade Associates

    Not good at all.Not satisfied with his services.Bss gallan karniya aundiya kaam nhi as Mera sara kaam kharab krva dita iss na ??


  • Anjali

    Reviewed at Arcade Associates

    He’s not an Architect as he use illegally Ar. Initials before his name & he didn’t even have license to practice architecture. Second, he is fraud & not well settled mind person.


  • Mr.Ganesh

    Reviewed at StudioMax Architects

    I strongly reccomend them for the home interiors and execution...They have excellently execute our Residence with elegant interiors...More than expected...?thank u


  • Rashmi Singh

    Reviewed at Twenty Five DAS

    If you are looking for a skilled architecture company with an eye for style that wows, look no further than Twenty Five Das.


  • Shivnath Kale

    Reviewed at Twenty Five DAS

    Good project and quality


  • Dishank

    Reviewed at Twenty Five DAS

    Completed my home with 25°C Architectural Studio. They made dream home come true within my budget and with extraordinary solutions. They are very professional at work. Would definitely recommend for interiors.


  • Husein Rampurawala

    Reviewed at Lulu Interiors

    I really liked the detailed presentation at the beginning. Overall design process was very organised.


  • ravi kumar

    Reviewed at Drashtikon Designer Consultant

    Earlier completed my interior project by Drashtikon Designer group, such a best designer consulting in Surat, 100% satisfying with design and concept.


  • Saba

    Reviewed at Design Valley

    Fraud happens..... scam in new delhi/Noida. don't waste your time n money. owner here is mr. lakshya Khanna. who is having office for interior services in noida.they will take money n after will not pickup a call n not deliver your products too.


  • Aditya Sharma

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Great Service, Good work.. Best architect in agra.. Had a great experience with Gaurav bansal ji !


  • Abhishek Gupta

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Highly innovative ,having the best team in town.


  • Nishtha Agrawal

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    We got our project designed by Woodstone Architects. Loved their professionalism. Very happy to get our new sweet home.


  • Tanuj

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Great work done by Woodstone Architects. Happy to recommend him to anyone.


  • Abhishek bansal

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Great desingns and disciplined staff. Very happy with his services.


  • Abhishek

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    I am very happy with the architectural work done by Woodstone. Keep up the good work.


  • Anuj

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Best Architecture Service Provider in U.P. Well organized and disciplined for their responsibility.


  • Rubika

    Reviewed at VOAD Architect

    Such great architect in delhi. Thanks for made may house super cool and beautiful.


  • Amit Sharma

    Reviewed at Krafty Interiors

    Nice Work done by Krafty Interiors. It is really good to have the professional team like this.


  • Shashi Kant

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Woodstone Architects payed a great form of input in terms of detailing . loved thier cost effective brilliant ideas.


  • Sonali Agarwal

    Reviewed at Woodstone Architects

    Loved the attention they pay to details of the project. They even assist us on management of our project.


  • Apu Ghosh

    Reviewed at Crescentia India Ventures

    The best management among I had work under till date. Strength of this Organization is great co-ordination and co-operation. I am really lucky to work under this organisation.


  • Mohd Yunus

    Reviewed at Quartier Studio

    If u want to get away from the same old traditioned interior and want to move towards some unique and modern design concepts, than this is the best place and a great helping hand for u..


  • Parth

    Reviewed at KAD Associates

    Really good firm at designing your house and consisting of good associates. Designing an astonishing interior and at a low cost, someone should learn from them.


  • Yusuf Lokhandwala

    Reviewed at SARJAK DESIGN

    Creative works.


  • Sunil Patel

    Reviewed at Kamalam Construction

    The best place for properties dealing. Also they have best plans for houses. They do construction of houses with best quality materials and commitment.


  • Arvi Chauhan

    Reviewed at Interior Muse

    Excellent detailing and concepts



    Reviewed at VOAD Architect

    best architect in India


  • Sidharth T

    Reviewed at Touch ups

    My experience with touch ups, Nagpur is a nightmare. Irresponsible, unprofessional, no experience to name a few that has spoiled my project and time. They have wasted my money, time and they have the worst team to get your job done. I strictly do not recommend you as I don't want anybody else suffer.


  • vikas yadav

    Reviewed at ASSL Architects & Associates

    An architectural firm with zero knowledge about architecture and design. just making fools to its clients with faulty designs.


  • Pramod M D

    Reviewed at MDS Architects And Contractors

    They took the time to listen & understand what we wanted and needed to our project. Then came up with solutions inline with our expectations with much more creativity than we anticipated


  • Purva

    Reviewed at 611Architects

    Why are you posting fake profiles... no presence on the internet... spammers


  • Nkroofline

    Reviewed at Buildingart

    Buildingart one of the best architect firm in Himachal Pradesh. very good services, Highly recommended


  • Amit Shah

    Reviewed at Kreation Architects

    Very good and Affordable architects. I recommend them. They designed my Resident floor plans and elevation situated at Delhi, India.


  • Raj

    Reviewed at Skyline Architect

    I liked making a map and was very satisfied with the bottom I hope you will also get an article and you will be satisfied once you make a map.


  • Krishna

    Reviewed at Skyline Architect

    I liked making a map and was very satisfied with the bottom I hope you will also get an article and you will be satisfied once you make a map.


  • Rishabh sharma


    An amazing architect with a great sense of taste in design and colors. He has a different aspect in his every design. I will recommend him without a single doubt.


  • Mansi patel

    Reviewed at Vr designers

    Full fill your needs into pleasing designs


  • Raj Pokar

    Reviewed at Samarpan Designers

    Get best service from Samarpan Designers in reasonable rate.


  • Shashikant Pant

    Reviewed at

    Request for an architect position


  • David Lloyd Jones

    Reviewed at Zero Energy Design Lab

    Sachin Rastogi, can you get in touch with me Studio E Architects would like to make contact with you again


  • Ankit Shrimal

    Reviewed at Ravi Prakash Architect

    Highly Recommended for those who believes strongly that architecture and interior can change the way we live. He is an absolute passionate person who strongly respect human values and always strives to provide best solution to his clients with an unique approach for everyone.


  • Yashpal

    Reviewed at Ravi Prakash Architect

    Ravi is young, talented and full of energy. He leads any project in a very progressive way. He understands his clients in details and response them in a very sophisticated and subtle ways. He approach every problem with a open and flexible mindset and works with everyone as a team whether its his clients, contractors or vendors. It was a really great time working with him.


  • kamlesh savaliya

    Reviewed at Newspaceinterior

    cut work and carving


  • mandeep

    Reviewed at Impressions Design Studio

    hi sir/mam my name is mandeep i m 3d archiccture visualizer m looking for job i have 7 year 3d archicture field so m req u if u have a job for 3d visualization pls reply me thx


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Why do I Choose Professional Architects for Their Homes and Offices?

We all know that building a house is nothing lesser than a big dream come true. Architects are the people who can help you get a house which you have finalized in your dreams. Architects have many years of experience in designing residential apartments. They look at every corner of the home and suggest attractive designs for each room. Architects do effective planning and then implement the plans by giving the most gorgeous designs. They can help you in either building the complete house from scratch or redesign the existing one as per your demand.

Whether it is a residential apartment, offices, malls or airport, the architects help to make proper floor plans. Apart from that, they find new ideas to enhance the place with latest 3D models and designs. They play an important role in construction, design and documentation work.

Following are some of the tips that can help you to choose a perfect architect for your dream house. Have a look at them and find the best one for you.

What are The Tasks of An Architect?

Residential Drawings

A sketch gives a clear idea of the construction. An architect draws sketches of homes and other rooms. You can know the actual plan by looking at these designs. Architects are well-trained in drawings these sketches with minute details.

These designs will help to know the floor plans of your homes. Further, the architect will ask you about your likes and then includes the designs as per your choice. Apart from that, the architect will show you the drawings and sketches and makes changes according to your choice.

Organization of Work

You cannot deny that an architect is really important for the success of a new project. There are various factors that need attention. An architect sees all the details of the project such as starting date, cost of materials, completion of project and others.

In addition to that, the architects work with civil engineers and inform you about the progress of the project. He organizes all the tasks in a proper manner and solves technical and other issues if there are any.

Cost Management

A new project involves many expenses such as the cost of materials, designs, and others. Hiring an architect will reduce the unnecessary expenses that occur during the project. Further, the architect will try to bring down the cost of materials and engineer’s fees.

Additionally, these professionals will tell you the estimated budget for interior designing. He will also tell you about the expenses that increase in the future. An architect will tell you at every stage whenever there is a rise in the cost of raw materials, designs, floor plans, and others.

Project Discussion

There are various things that an architect will discuss with the clients. They include the estimated budget, planning rules and regulations, construction laws and limitations of the site. An architect will inform you about the latest procedures and rules.

What are The Advantages of Hiring an Architect?

Reduces Designing Errors

The architect is a professional who knows how to make drawings and sketches of the project perfectly. Designs on the paper have an important role in the construction of the site. The architect makes high-quality designs that will stay for years.

In addition to that, the professionals will decrease the chances of designs. You can thus get the exact designs of floor plans and sites whenever you want.

Get What You Want

You may want a 3D design on your walls or different types of floors. Some clients want light paints while some of them go for dark ones. An architect can understand the needs of every client in a better way.

You just need to explain all the styles and designs to him and he will do it in an exact way.

Plans for All Spaces

Whether it is a large residential apartment or a small flat, the architect knows how to make it more appealing. He will suggest the best designs for your homes after looking at the total area.

Besides that, he will cut the cost wherever it is necessary. An architect will convert even the smallest area into the most beautiful place to live.

Professional Work

Architects deal most of the time with designs, floor plans, drawings, and engineers. They do the work in an efficient way that you cannot do. Further, the architect suggests the most suitable designs for your homes, offices, and shops.

In addition to that, the materials used by the architect are of good quality. Your home will never face any issues when you hire an architect. It is also an affordable way to get good homes.

Which Factors to Consider While Choosing the Architect?

Total Time

Many architects finish the projects within a few weeks. It may happen that such professionals work only for money. You must see whether the architect and his team dedicate much of the time for your project.

You can avoid the architects that complete the work without giving high-quality designs. Constructing a new project requires lot of time and you should select the person who can give valuable time for your project.

Types of Designs

Every architect has different designs for a particular project. If you want the latest 3D designs and models, it is necessary to choose the experienced architects. They have full knowledge of classy as well as the latest designs for residential projects.

In addition to that, you should hire the architect who is ready to provide designs as per your likes. Your opinions and choice play a major as it is your home.

Different Services

Some architects especially amateurs know a little about the latest designs. You must select the architects who have knowledge of 3D models, graphics and modern designs. It is a profitable decision to hire an architect who has broader sense of designs and new models.

How much Does Architects Charge for Their Services?

Generally, the architects take the commission between the ranges of 7% to 20% of the total project price. The cost of architects changes according to the years of experience, area, project, and popularity.

Further, the architects in some cities take fees on the basis of per square feet. The amateurs charge lesser fees than the experienced architects. It is a smarter decision to first ask about the fees to architects and then make the final deal. In this way, you can know whether the fees of the architect fit in your budget or not.

How can I Find Right Architects in My Area?

Finding a reliable architect is a simple task these days with the help of the internet. You can search for the best architects in your area by typing the proper heading. Social media is the most powerful source to get reliable architects near your home.

Well, we have all the architects in your area who deal with both commercial and residential projects. Once you understand your requirements of why to choose architect and what you are expecting from him or her, we can help you in finding some of the experts in your location. You can take a look at the project photos in order to get an idea of some project that is similar to yours and get the best building designer.

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