Wardrobe Interior Designs

Embark on a journey of wardrobe transformation with KreateCube's collection of interior designs. Our modular wardrobe designs and decorating ideas redefine organization, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style. Explore a plethora of images that cater to diverse tastes, from contemporary to classic. Whether you seek a sleek and modern wardrobe or a timeless piece, KreateCube provides inspiration for every bedroom. Elevate your storage spaces with our ingenious design concepts, creating a wardrobe that not only accommodates your belongings but also adds a touch of sophistication to your living space.

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Different Types of Wardrobes

a) Walk-in Closet Design

Walk-in Closet or wardrobe, design covers clothing, accessories, and makeup have special racks and shelves. Since some homes already have a customizable shell, you can also create this wardrobe design with a modest area.

b) Reach-in Wardrobes

Reach-in wardrobes are a close second if you need more capacity for a closet wardrobe because they take up less space and require less work. Nowadays, many homeowners invest in reach-in wardrobes. Depending on the space available around it, you can also turn a corner or an existing wall hollow into a wardrobe with the installation of sliding or hinged doors.

c) Built-In Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are custom-tailored to fit your space, enabling optimal use of every square inch available. These give a room personality, lessen clutter, and blend in naturally, conserving valuable floor space.

d) Standalone Wardrobes

As the name suggests, armoires or standalone wardrobes are separate from the fitted interiors of a room. They accentuate the use of vertical space and are often less than two feet deep. There are many different wardrobe designs on the market, some of which even provide expanding wardrobe options.

e) Loft Wardrobes

An excellent approach to creatively maximize space is to build a loft wardrobe. It comes with shelves and drawers for all your folded clothing while storing gowns, traditional attire, shirts, and other items on rods and racks.

f) Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are renowned for their sleek appearance and space-saving construction. These closets have sliding doors that move easily along tracks rather than conventional hinged doors. Moreover, they have movable shelves and compartments.

g) Fitted Wardrobes

The advantages of fitted wardrobes are unmatched when it comes to designing and structuring bedrooms beautifully. From complete customization to space optimization and orderly storage solutions. Any home design professional would advise considering a custom wardrobe design that is specific to your taste and available space.

h) Hanging Wardrobes

If you need a fashionable and compact storage solution, hanging wardrobes are a fantastic option. You can alter shelves and hanging rods to match any area and offer lots of space for clothing and other goods. Additionally, simple to install, hanging wardrobes can provide a contemporary and fashionable touch to any space.

i) Wall-Mounted Wardrobes

If you want to add beautiful storage to your house without taking up much space, wall-mounted wardrobe designs are a great option. These wardrobes are made up of metal or wood with the intention of hanging on walls. You can tailor it to match your home's existing decor, and come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Additionally, simple-to-install, wall-mounted wardrobes can add additional storage for items like clothing, shoes, and books.

How to Design Wardrobes for Small Apartments?

For small spaces, building a wardrobe can be challenging, but with the right design idea, you can create a creative-looking wardrobe. Here are some wardrobe designs for small apartments-

a) The Mirror Use

Mirrors increase the sense of space and provide the impression that the room is quite spacious. Reflective mirrors on the closet panels serve as a dressing-up mirror in addition to making a stylish statement.

b) Built-ins

On small bedroom walls, ready-made freestanding furniture may fit precisely. In these circumstances, niches can be a blessing. Built-ins help to utilize every square inch of space.

c) Headboard Wall Expanded

Here, wall-to-wall space has been used to create cabinets and other storage spaces. You can add an open shelf to display books or toys if built in children's space.

d) Sliding Doors

Small savings can have a large impact in small spaces. Comparatively speaking to hinged doors, sliding doors offer a lot more floor space, allowing for unrestricted mobility across the space.

What are some Wardrobe Designs for Kids' Rooms?

The wardrobe design for the kids’ room is completely different from other rooms. You need to work on colorful themes and space. You can even customize it as a boy's wardrobe design or a girl's wardrobe design. Here are some options-

a) Blue Modern Wardrobes

Adding a modern wardrobe design can elevate the overall look of your kids’ room. Your children will undoubtedly adore this brilliant shade because it denotes liveliness and sprightliness. Transparent boxes within provide a nice contrast and make it simple for your little one to find their trinkets.

b) Pink Shelves and a White Wardrobes

If you have a daughter, pink shelves with white wardrobe are perfect. This wardrobe design adds a contemporary touch to your child's room and is a wise choice if you have a lot of stuff to store but little available storage space at home.

What are some ideas of Wardrobe Design for Minimalist Interiors?

If you have a minimalist interior in your bedroom, designing a wardrobe can take time and effort. Right from the space to colors and style need to be worked upon. Here are some ideas of wardrobe design for minimalist home decor and interiors-

a) Sliding Door Wardrobes

The sliding door wardrobe adds enough space to your room. Moreover, it has an anti-jump system and is a useful option for individuals seeking stylish and efficient storage space. It has several drawers, two mirrored sliding doors, and enough compartment space for your clothing and things. It is more durable because it is composed of paper foil lamination.

b) Space-saving White Sliding Door Wardrobes

This compact modern-style wardrobe is a sensible option for making the most of their bedroom space. The sliding doors are ideal for smaller rooms or flats since they take up less space than conventional hinged doors.

c) Minimalist Solid Wood Clothes Rack in White

This wardrobe with a solid wood rack in white has an open A-frame garment hanger. The timber base guarantees its sturdiness, while the simple styling gives it a clean, contemporary appearance.

What are some Modern Wardrobe Design Ideas?

Considering modern wardrobe design ideas can elevate the overall space. There are different designs of wardrobe for rooms. Some of these are-

a) Bedroom Wardrobes

Wardrobes for bedrooms are a necessary piece of furniture. They come in a range of sizes and designs, from classic oak wardrobes to contemporary, streamlined forms. Wardrobes in bedrooms give you a space to put clothes, accessories, and other stuff, keeping the area structured and tidy.

b) Wardrobe with Dressing Table

For those searching for both storage and style in the bedroom, wardrobes with dressing tables are a terrific option. These wardrobes often have a mix of shelves and drawers that offer plenty of room for storing apparel and accessories.

c) Wardrobe with Study Table

If you have kids, adding a study table to your wardrobe is the best option. There is usually enough room in these wardrobes to add clothes and study materials because they include a desk, shelves, and drawers.

What Wardrobe Color Schemes to consider?

When it comes to wardrobe color schemes, you can choose from different options. Consider the various textures and prints you would like to have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, you can even combine designs and textures that can add intrigue to your outfit.

You can even go for accent colors that can add interest and colorful pops. The best you can do is focus on 6-9 colors, allowing your wardrobe to adapt to the space.

Use KreateCube- Your Ideal Wardrobe Design Idea Space

KreateCube is the home of modern wardrobe ideas, where you will find a number of selections, along with the right pricing options. Every product that passes our quality inspection is confirmed to be strong and long-lasting, regardless of price. From sustainable wardrobe design to wardrobe door options, we have multiple options to select from. Do check our site for more options.


Q. What are Some Ideas for Designing Wardrobe for Clothing Items?

Ans: There are specific wardrobe designs for particular clothing items like suits, dresses, skirts, jackets, and others. You can design according to the requirements. Here are a few things to consider-

a) If you want to fold or hang your shirts, jackets, and coats in the wardrobe, keep at least a minimum depth of 28 inches and a minimum height of 40 inches.

b) You can also go for two shallow pull-out drawers with built-in square dividers to organize smaller items like sunglasses, socks, ties, and undergarments. The sectional drawer's height should range from 5 to 8 inches.

c) Go for the vertical clearance between 66 inches and 72 inches to allow for folded sarees, skirts, long dresses, trousers, etc., on hangers. Handle delicate clothing materials with velvet-covered hangers.

Q. What are the Differences between Closet and Wardrobe?

Ans: A wardrobe or a closet are two examples of storage areas that allow you to store clothing and accessories. There are two significant distinctions:

Size: Closets are frequently constructed into a wall or a small space and are typically smaller than wardrobes.

Construction: Closets typically consist of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers. They are often composed of sheetrock or plaster.

Q. What are some Tips for Organizing your Wardrobe?

Ans: A messy and disorganized area can add to feelings of being overwhelmed, so organizing your closet can help you feel less stressed and anxious. Here are some tips to organize your wardrobe-

a) Set Aside Decluttering Clothes

Clothes decluttering can take a while, especially when there are too many items. Instead of trying to fit the activity in around other responsibilities, set aside all decluttered clothes to have enough space in your wardrobe.

b) Evaluate your Space

Utilizing vertical space is one of the finest methods to maximize the space in your closet. This entails hanging goods on rods or hooks on the back of your closet door using hangers.

c) Invest in your Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Simple items like shoe organizers, door hooks, and hangers may make a huge difference. Consider purchasing transparent drawers to keep stuff like T-shirts and shorts underneath your clothing. Make sure to carefully label any storage containers you use, such as vacuum-packed bags, clear boxes, and drawers, for easy finding.

Q. What Wardrobe Materials are Good for Long-term?

Ans: Some of the best wardrobe materials are-

a) Plywood

One of the strongest alternatives to solid wood is plywood. It has the fusion of wood veneer sheets that makes this wardrobe.

b) Glass

One of the best materials for a wardrobe to combine with different materials is glass. One of the reasons is its appealing look, and it is showing up on lists of the best wardrobe materials.

c) Strong Wood

A wardrobe made from strong wood materials is the best to consider. Wood, a time-honored choice, is still regarded by many design classicists as the greatest material for wardrobes.

Q. Are Modular Wardrobe Expensive?

Ans: Compared to wardrobes constructed of solid wood or premium veneers, modular wardrobes made of less expensive materials like engineered wood will be less expensive.

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