Modern Wardrobe Designs to Make Your Bedroom Stunning

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 09-Oct-2023

The beauty of a bedroom is not only just due to its decorating and designing; wardrobes give an aesthetic beauty to the bedrooms.

Wardrobes provide essential space for organizing a wide array of items, from clothes to bed sheets and curtains, allowing for a neat and tidy living space. Moreover, when it comes to choosing the right wardrobe, opting for made-to-measure doors can further elevate the overall aesthetic. These custom-crafted doors are tailored to fit your specific space, ensuring a seamless integration that adds a distinctive and personalized touch to the room's ambiance.


There is a lot of material available in the market from which you can choose the closets which are modern in look and have an elegant wardrobe design with ample amount of space.

Wardrobes are actually an idea which you can modify in any way. They will make your simple cupboards look more special and elegant.

There are several types of wardrobes based on materials and number of doors which you can choose for your bedroom. Some of them would also go well in a kids' bedroom opposite your canopy child's bed.

Let us discuss all of them.

Types of Extravagant Bedroom Wardrobe Designs



Waxwing Sliding Doors

Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

The two-door waxwing sliding wardrobe is the one with two sliding doors on both sides. It has many shelves and drawers for putting hangers, clothes, and other accessories such as wallets and belts.

It looks very stylish from outside and similarly from inside it has everything placed in an aesthetic manner.

Hence, you have a lot of space to arrange things properly. If you want one of the best brands for sliding door wardrobe, choose Waxwing wardrobe.


Monal Wardrobe Design

Another wardrobe with the amazing look is the Monal Wardrobe. It is not always true that a good looking item is available at higher rates only.

Monal Wardrobe is the true example of that. This is a perfect example of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs at very reasonable rates.

This 6 door wardrobe has handles which are long and square shaped. All the shelves are arranged in a series followed by the pullout drawers. There is a hanger space available inside.

Overall, it is a perfect art of furniture.

Elevated Cupboard

Elevated Cupboard Wardrobe Design

This is a type of wardrobe you can create on top of the wardrobe frame in your bedroom. It consumes less space and gives you more storage for various things such as books, bags and other necessary articles.

They can be arranged above the level of bed and hence it becomes easy for you to use it anytime.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl Wardrobe Ideas

This is a popular modern wardrobe used in residential apartments these days. The doors of this wardrobe have vinyl and they are fitted with tracks. They also have aluminum frames.

Vinyl wardrobes are lightweight and durable too. These doors look very pretty in your modern bedroom.

Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe

This wardrobe has silver frames and its doors run on tracks. You can use various types of colors on these doors to give a cool look to the bedroom.

There are many other customization options you can choose for multi-panel sliding door wardrobes.


Vintage wardrobes design

Are you thinking to give a classy look to your room? If yes, then vintage wardrobe is a perfect choice.

They are extremely beautiful in look and give a perfect elegance to the bedroom. This wardrobe comes with a hanging rail and drawers inside. With beauty, it comes with a perfect space.

You can enhance the look of your bedroom with this extra-large wardrobe. Vintage wardrobe comes with many drawers and shelves for keeping clothes, jewelry, files, and other accessories.

Laminated Doors Cupboard

Laminated Wardrobe Design

If you are planning to have a cupboard with doors that you can paint in your style, then the laminated door cupboards are a perfect choice for you. You can get your wardrobe laminated with ply or timber for a more finished look.


On the door of these cupboards, you can paint the texture and design that you want. The laminated wardrobe changes the layout of the room completely. You don’t have to pay much for these as they come at a reasonable rate in the market.

Mirror Doors

Mirror Door Wardrobe Ideas

The next is a glass wardrobe which you can put in your bedroom. They look classy and give the reflection of the full room. Glass door wardrobes are affordable in prices and easy to use.

One of the biggest advantages of this kind wardrobe is that it makes the bedroom look spacious.

L - Shaped

L-Shaped Wardrobe Ideas

This is a most preferred wardrobe in modern and traditional homes, can be made from any type of materials. There are various types of door handles which fit in this wardrobe.

It usually comes with wardrobe furniture such as safety lockers and drawers.

Metal Doors

Metal Door Wardrobe

A metallic touch at the doors of wardrobes give a beautiful look to the bedroom. You can choose any color for the metal door wardrobe which suits the room’s curtains and bed sheets.

They are simple to build them on the tracks. It also creates ample storage space.

Opti-Panel Glass

Opti Panel Wardrobe Ideas

This is an antique wardrobe for the bedroom. It covers all the contents of the wardrobe and gives a frosted glass effect in the room.

Opti-panel glass wardrobes give modern look to your bedrooms and they can match with any colored curtains, furniture and bed sheets.

Free Standing/Portable

Free Standing Wardrobe Ideas

This can be in the form of a wooden wardrobe, or steel wardrobe. You can manage to keep all your clothes, books and other things in this simple wardrobe.

It can be placed on any size of the bedroom. It is a portable wardrobe which you can also take on another room.


Sloped Wardrobe Ideas

You can choose wardrobe closet for your bedroom. It can be created in a limited space and give you more space for storage.

The doors of this wardrobe can easily fit on the tracks. You can choose a space above or below the cupboard for making wardrobe.


Hinge Wardrobe Ideas

This is an ordinary wardrobe design used for many years. However, you can turn this simple wardrobe into a modernized one by creating a metal sliding door or vinyl sliding door on the outer portion.

You can then put some shelves and cabinets in the remaining space to give more area for storage.

Opaque Cupboard

Opaque Cupboard Ideas

An opaque cupboard adds the beauty of glass by avoiding what is actually inside. It’s a perfect replacement of revealing see through the traditional cupboard. 

Column Closet

Column Closet Ideas

Well, if flat space your limit, column closet can make your problem look like as an advantage. It will be easily adjusted possibly in any room.

Retro Closet

Retro Wardrobes Design

In case old or mid time history is the fashion you fantasize about then retro closet is perfect thing to be in your vintage themed bedroom.

These are some of the best bedroom wardrobe designs that you can go forward to decorate your room with an amazing element. But before going to buy a wardrobe, it is very important to note some measures.

Have a look at them below:

1. Take the complete measurement so that later the height of the closet does not create a problem.

2. Decide before buying only how many shelves you are looking for, how many pullout lockers etc.

3. Make sure whether you want open cupboard or the cupboard with shutter.

Now, you are ready to choose a wardrobe that enhances your bedroom look. Check out these bedroom wardrobe designers in New Delhi and Noida.

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