How to Make Your Wardrobe Look Attractive and Spacious at the Same Time

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 07-May-2022

Your wardrobe is not only a fashion statement but part of your personality. However, it can take up a lot of space in your closet if you're not careful. You want to keep an attractive look but still maneuver in your clothing area.

minimal wardrobe designs

Here are some tips to help keep your wardrobe section vibrant and spacious.

Add More Hanging Space

While you get some home office furniture for your extra room, you might want to think about your closet. Getting more hanging space can help you maximize your wardrobe in a unique and orderly fashion. An effective way of doing this is by adding a tension rod to your closet.

You don't need to screw it down, and it takes seconds to put up in the closet. It will help you add a more functional room for your favorite shirts and jeans. You can start sectioning your wardrobe rooms for particular pieces without sacrificing neatness.

Consider adding a second tension rod halfway between the top rail and floor to space things out. Also, you'll have more breathing room to organize your look.

Have a Closet Kit to Organize Things

You might be tool savvy person, so it's in your best interest to get a pre-made closet kit to help you organize your closet. Measure the number of feet you have in that space and buy something within that range. The screws, rods, shelves, and everything comes in one package.

You don't have to spend too much time setting things up, and it'll work well to help you declutter your items. Also, you make it more functional by fine-tuning your organizational skills. Your previous setup may not have been the best way to utilize your space.

However, a closet kit allows you more freedom to help you get everything from your shirts and shoes in better working order. Use an instruction manual or video to help you set things up more efficiently to keep the space more flexible.

Get Some Storage Baskets

You might have some odds and ends that lay on the ground or stuff them into an open space. Some storage baskets and boxes help you organize your miscellaneous items, such as handbags, hats, blankets, slippers, and other accessories.

You might want to label them according to season to help you put away switch items for colder or warmer months. For example, you might have some storage boxes that you can use for your winter items when it's summertime.

Not only does it help you keep track of your items, but you can make it easier to dress with items relevant to the season. You'll save time reaching for your summer wardrobe for your work attire and going out to a casual event.

You can tuck these items away in a corner but still know where they are in case you need to pull them out on a day that's a bit warmer or colder than average.

Choose a Closet Ladder

Another thing to get your wardrobe together is a good closet ladder. You might want a place to store your fancy items for a special occasion. You can have a high shelf away from your main clothing items.

A closet ladder can help you get to these unique items without having to create more room. Think of it as a treat to reach for your exclusive boots, belts, or tops. Alternatively, you can purchase a rack ladder to help you place your accessories, such as your scarves, hats, and other small objects.

Creative methods to maximize your space can help you develop a better system for storing clothes. Whether you need to keep some items on your high shelves or stack them in a specific method, you should keep a closet ladder for your wardrobe.

Write Everything Down in Your Notes

Before and after you renovate your wardrobe, you should take notes. List the things in your closet to help you see if you need anything else soon. You may have everything for the current season but not enough for another.

Another step is to write everything you wear in a journal. It can help you keep track of your outfits and how often you sport them. Also, you know what shapes, colors, and textures work best for your body.

Listing this can save you money because you know the things that will suit you well. Some items might look great, but that doesn't mean it fits your body type. You'll save time because you know how to create different ensembles from your current clothing items.

Take pictures of your boots, shoes, and other items to help you know what's inside the boxes. It takes time to organize things this way but saves time when you come back to your closet to choose an outfit.

Downgrade Your Wardrobe

While we covered this briefly, we'll talk more in-depth now. You might have a few exclusive items that are too dressy to wear every day. You can save these for the right occasion. However, the casual clothes you can have at eye level.

It can help you see how frequently you use some items. You can reimagine how to use items you might have saved for work or evening attire. It gets you to mix things up to help give your outfits more variety and color.


Sell or Donate Some of Your Pieces

Try to keep an eye out for your older items. While some clothing might have a boutique feel and still fit you well, other ones you can sell or donate. You might have a pair of tattered jeans that have seen better days.

However, they are still in style and useful for someone else. Why not donate the piece to a charity that needs it? Your other items might be older models of something you like.

You can sell those pieces and make extra money. Replace them with a more modern look to upgrade your closet.

Give yourself time to make a spectacular wardrobe with a few steps to help you put your closet in the right direction.

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