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    Reviewed at VOAD Architect

    best architect in India


  • Rashika Gupta

    Reviewed at Posh Interior

    Worst people to work with. 6 months project turned to 1 year. They will not send labor, never visit to see the work... will force u to buy the products urself and try to take full payment before completion....then never complete the work at all. Quality of woodwork is poorer than poor. I needed to spend 50K from my account after making full payment and still have not received my money back.


  • Sidharth T

    Reviewed at Touch ups

    My experience with touch ups, Nagpur is a nightmare. Irresponsible, unprofessional, no experience to name a few that has spoiled my project and time. They have wasted my money, time and they have the worst team to get your job done. I strictly do not recommend you as I don't want anybody else suffer.


  • vikas yadav

    Reviewed at ASSL Architects & Associates

    An architectural firm with zero knowledge about architecture and design. just making fools to its clients with faulty designs.


  • Sandeep kumar

    Reviewed at Spazio Designers

    I got my interior design done with Spazio designers and am extremely happy with the design, the execution is excellent with pleasant customer service and delivered on-time, I would highly recommend them.



    Reviewed at Tasa Interior Designer

    TASA interior designer group are one of the best designer. They renovated our kitchen so well.


  • Pramod M D

    Reviewed at MDS Architects And Contractors

    They took the time to listen & understand what we wanted and needed to our project. Then came up with solutions inline with our expectations with much more creativity than we anticipated


  • vishu_osteo

    Reviewed at Roshh - The Design Studio

    They did a satisfactory job. Decent work done not much budgeted work though, but they finished it in given span of time with lil extra weeks but that was manageable with the attitude of the designer. Happy with their services !


  • Purva

    Reviewed at 611Architects

    Why are you posting fake profiles... no presence on the internet... spammers


  • Dhanu Kumar

    Reviewed at Decoruss Interior Sesigner

    I called him for my bed room interior, and belive me the way he treat and offer service that fabulous


  • Mohit

    Reviewed at Decoruss Interiors

    Great teamwork, innovative design, good coordination. They delivered as promised with clean finishing and neat work. Keep up the good work.


  • Nkroofline

    Reviewed at Buildingart

    Buildingart one of the best architect firm in Himachal Pradesh. very good services, Highly recommended


  • Vicky Thakur

    Reviewed at eLastic Interior

    Elastic Interior interior is the best company in Delhi/NCR, recently I have completed home interior & I am fully satisfied with elastic interior teams.


  • Rohit Manot

    Reviewed at Siddhivinayak Designs and Interior

    This is basically a scam. Firstly they will take a small token money of 10 rupee out of 100. Then they will give Payment and work schedule, Payment schedule will work on time but work will not happen and within few days they will make sure to take more then 50% of Payment post which he will ask/demand for more and then again more and again more and you cannot refuse because he/they will not complete anything, not even a single room so by default you have to call him only. I/We handed him over 4 projects and incurred almost 60% of total budget of 4 projects. Stay away from this Interior. For any further clarification or any help please feel free to Contact me. 1. All Materials in Quotation will be branded but all local goods will be used. 2. All Designs will be provided but while acting on them he will not be able to make and will delay the work and Surprisingly he will put all blame on you. 3. He is not having any knowledge of Interior & Designing. 4. He don't have any team. All his labours are basically outsourced as no labour want to be associated with him. 5. He/They will everyday say for pending work that today ut will be done today will it be done and at the end he will ask you to make the payment by providing reason that- it is Extra work. 6. All his work are incomplete and unfinished, Firstly he will agree to whatever you say post which he will deny by giving reason- That is Extra. 7. He will drag you to police station for no reason and Harass/Threaten you. I have incurred a Huge loss on 4 Projects provided at same time. Please connect with me to see his work. Stay away from them.


  • Pinaki

    Reviewed at Preeka Design Studio

    Absolute Frauds and sheer dissapointment from these bunch of self proclaimed designers. It was a very Big Mistake in my life to have fallen prey to their promises and rosy pictures to give them the project to design and excecute our home. To Start off they claim they have experience of doing everything and anything and will give you lot of hopes and best prices. They will never make progress to the work unless you pay them in full. Thats the biggest mistake i did to pay them everything in full. Once the designs are finalised (that too most of them coming from us), they take their own sweet time to start the work. Initially they promised us to give us a handover within 2/2.5 months but it still is pending and we are almost completing the 4th month. They will promise you something else, give you something else which is substandard and cheap. Absolute leechers they only know to suck money. These kind of businesses shouldnt exist in the market. They dont realise the fact that we customers are spending our hard earned money on our HOME and not something else. On questioning them, they dont reply, neither take our calls. The only thing they are good at is giving baseless reasons. Every single thing right from false ceiling, to their carpenters and their so called project managers are a bunch of inexperienced useless people. No proper scrutiny of the work is done by the project manager. All of the other reviews are fed by their own employees. You can call me at to discuss more about this. I would like to articulate my extreme displeasure and frustrations from the disappointing benchmark of these bunch of Fraudsters operating from HSR Layout. Never ever get any custom work done by Preeka Design Studio. To our dismay they turned out to be good with giving reasons for every issue as if it was OK to make mistakes. If you question them and their credibitlity they shout and exhibit an absolute unprofessional etiquette. The partners Krishna & Preeksha are a bunch of liars, who once provided with the payment doesnt even remotely care about the quality of work provided, and are seldom available to receive calls and address customer issues. If you dont provide the money they will stop the work. They need everything beforehand. Everything they provided was substandard and moreover the carpenters are another level of jokers who doesnt even know the basic elements required to assemble a Hettich equipment, seems like they have caught some roadside labours to get these done just so to fill their own pockets ad have better margin. As a result all the mechanisms (wardrobe sliders / tandem units, soft close materials) have been incorrectly fitted and I had to shed out another good set of money to get those fixed by a professional Hettich person himself. -All the money is taken in advance before even the work starts or material is delivered. As a result, you will have no say on the quality or type of work delivered. It is either take it or leave it attitude -No proper quality checks are done by the Project Manager. -They get unprofessional labor which also leaves lot of mess and damages other installation, but no one takes the responsibility. -They did not even give a formal Handover let alone proper quality of work. -When we saw damages to tge assembly they say:“It was working fine at the time of installation” -They dont even have good quality vendors to work for them and as a result completely messed up the painting of the house as well. In the interest of time I took help of another carpenter who was kind enough to quickly get the pending things done and rectify the mechanisms however at an extra cost. They dont even allow any kind of transparency during the entire process and asks third party support ( like hettich and all to shut their mouth in front of the customers) Plz plz plz do yourself a favour and DO NOT give these guys the project, they deserve to be shut down. A Very Frustrated customer!


  • Puneet Malhotra

    Reviewed at Viviana Coracias Decor

    If there were an option to give zero rating to Viviana Coracias Interiors, I would definitely have selected that option.  We contacted Mr. Hemant Kumar from Viviana Coracias for interior work of our salon.  This person Mr. Hemant Kumar took 99% money before the completion of our work. He took around one week extra to complete his task, still there were lots of pendency at his hand. He didn't install water tap and shower. He didn't installed curtains and its channel. His carpenter made a wall shelf with many faults, we noticed the same but he didn't get it rectified. Two focus lights were to be installed in the ceiling but he completely ignored it.  He handed over our shop saying that he would get all the pendency done within two or three days. Now it has gone about a month but he is not responding positively.  With these pendencies we have been suffering a lot whereas I have given him full amount.  He as well as his worker just make a fool of their customers.  I have never seen such an irresponsible and unprofessional person in my life.  I will take him to the consumer forum for sure. 


  • Raj

    Reviewed at Skyline Architect

    I liked making a map and was very satisfied with the bottom I hope you will also get an article and you will be satisfied once you make a map.


  • Krishna

    Reviewed at Skyline Architect

    I liked making a map and was very satisfied with the bottom I hope you will also get an article and you will be satisfied once you make a map.


  • Pushpendra Singh

    Reviewed at SS Enterprises

    Excellent job work done by Sunil Ji


  • Rohit Arora

    Reviewed at Decoruss Interiors

    My flat interior work was executed on time with a good finish with full satisfaction. I am happy with their work.


  • Rishabh sharma


    An amazing architect with a great sense of taste in design and colors. He has a different aspect in his every design. I will recommend him without a single doubt.


  • Soumya

    Reviewed at Satkar interior

    Unprofessional, fraud Horrible work, cheaters


  • Sandy

    Reviewed at Satkar interior

    Bakwas.....ekdam bakwas group. unreliable chor log hain


  • Gowda nagaraj gubbi

    Reviewed at Tasa Interior Designer

    One of my family member recommended & suggested TASA interior designer, I called them & in-spite of their any ideas or suggestions I showed them my reference pictures. Said My Budget & my Time Line, This was my condition & TASA interior designer followed in right sprite. Highly thankful to their unique & very sense full designing. of My 3 BHK looks more spacious after the renovation. There is no clutter & very comfortable interior. I like English colour & after visiting their website I thought this is the right choice & they proved me right. I will also recommend to all my friends & family members.


  • Mansi patel

    Reviewed at Vr designers

    Full fill your needs into pleasing designs


  • Ankush Gautam

    Reviewed at Ace Ventures

    Saloni designed our house at Nirvana country, Gurgaon. She has an amazing taste in interiors and is passionate about her work. There is no room for complaints for her and the project gets completed in a limited time with a pocket friendly budget!


  • Priyanshi Goyal

    Reviewed at Deep Handloom

    Please share your phone number


  • Amit Gupta

    Reviewed at S N World Max

    beware.. not to be trusted


  • Raj Pokar

    Reviewed at Samarpan Designers

    Get best service from Samarpan Designers in reasonable rate.


  • Karunakara Koornadka

    Reviewed at Deepti Anant Swami Architects

    I am diploma holder having 16 years of experience in architecture field as an architecture assistant. please let me know if any opening in your firm.


  • Ravi

    Reviewed at Arka Interiors and Architecture

    I used Arka Interiors for my commercial space. Very nice service i had and also coordination between the team is very good.


  • David Lloyd Jones

    Reviewed at Zero Energy Design Lab

    Sachin Rastogi, can you get in touch with me Studio E Architects would like to make contact with you again


  • Kannan

    Reviewed at Dreamspaze interior solutions

    Dreamspaze done it well in our 3bhk house, I didn't expect the delivery time, first they said it will take around 27 days but they give the house within 20 days. Thanks for this Sure well recommended designer


  • Ankit Shrimal

    Reviewed at Ravi Prakash Architect

    Highly Recommended for those who believes strongly that architecture and interior can change the way we live. He is an absolute passionate person who strongly respect human values and always strives to provide best solution to his clients with an unique approach for everyone.


  • Yashpal

    Reviewed at Ravi Prakash Architect

    Ravi is young, talented and full of energy. He leads any project in a very progressive way. He understands his clients in details and response them in a very sophisticated and subtle ways. He approach every problem with a open and flexible mindset and works with everyone as a team whether its his clients, contractors or vendors. It was a really great time working with him.


  • kamlesh savaliya

    Reviewed at Newspaceinterior

    cut work and carving


  • mandeep

    Reviewed at Impressions Design Studio

    hi sir/mam my name is mandeep i m 3d archiccture visualizer m looking for job i have 7 year expe.in 3d archicture field so m req u if u have a job for 3d visualization pls reply me thx


  • Priyank Grover

    Reviewed at

    hey! i am looking for an internship opportunity in your firm. I am a 3rd year student pursuing BA(H) INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN from Pearl Academy, New Delhi.


  • Jerry

    Reviewed at Tiny Pixels pvt. ltd.

    "Highly recommended - I have to say I was a little scared of having an interior designer... but not any more!”


  • Yrct

    Reviewed at Interior Inspiration

    Interior Inspirations, now renamed to ENWOOD Interiors is run by Karishma Mehta, The Moron. She is very smart and intelligent and cooperative. This is what you feel during the meetings that happen before you pay 60% of the amount quoted for the services. During these meetings you are driven into an illusion that your work is happening in full swing with best quality. Out of the 100% of the order you have placed, 20% is shown to you and you are convinced that the rest of your work is happening at different places...Tv unit in wadgaonsheri, bed in wagholi, trolleys for kitchen in mumbai and blah blah blah. Once 60% amount is paid by the client the cycle of lies and cheating begins. Your calls are not answered , your msgs are not responded to. On those rare occasions when she answers your calls, she starts yelling at you. Working with her is a total mental trauma and stress. She has no ideas of her own, no improvisation, no brains. She can't even design a custom dining table to fit it a specifies space on her own and calls herself a graduate from London. She quotes incorrect measurement and goofs up the calculations. Needs math lessons. Visits the site it once during the entire process. Thankfully we digged in and calculated each and every item and at a good stage of work and realized that we are being looted for a good 20% amount. (60 % material cost, 40% labor cost, 10% her fees as per her and on top of this 100%, 20% of the loot). The renaming of the firm is also a strategy because there are previous bad reviews for Interior Inspirations. The women is an unethical and unprofessional, brainless liar. Her own employees do not think twice before abusing her.


  • amrita kaur

    Reviewed at Tiny Pixels pvt. ltd.

    “You're not going to find an interior designer with better creativity and problem solving skills than Tiny Pixels.”


  • Jaspreet kaur

    Reviewed at Tiny Pixels pvt. ltd.

    They are awesome in their field, work delivery is too good


  • Kamlesh Kumar

    Reviewed at Zeedan Traders

    Best interior work


  • Alam

    Reviewed at Zeedan Traders

    Best Interior Designer in Delhi


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What is The Importance of Interior Designers in Homes and Offices?

Buying a dream home in today’s time is as good as a victory. You have to chase a lot for buying home in the favorite location of the city. Finding the right place is not enough if you want to build an ideal home. An interior will turn an empty place into a sweet house by filling in the beautiful designs and colors.

The perfect definition of an interior is the one who gives styles and colors in your homes. He will suggest you the exquisite wallpapers and designs to make every room more interesting.

Nowadays, the people in both cities and towns call professional interior designers for homes, offices, shops, boutiques, and malls. The role of interior designers in a new office or home is unavoidable.

It is good to search for some sites before choosing an interior designer in your area. Now, we will discuss the role of interior design and the benefits of hiring him for homes or offices.

What does An Interior Designer Do?

Gives an Idea of Different Designs

We discussed above that an interior designer gives an idea of how to design the walls and floorings of the homes. Besides that, he also gives the proper advice on how to select the shades for drawing room, bedroom, and kitchen. The job of interior designers is to provide the layout and design of homes, offices, and shops.

Showing Illustrations

No customer can understand the words of an interior designer. It is the duty of an interior designer to present his creative ideas on paper or on computers. He has to show the designs of ceilings, floorings, and walls to the customers for a better idea.

Use of 3D Models

The concept of 3D models is quite popular in modern homes, offices and small shops. The interior designer uses 3D models and AutoCAD programs to turn the architectural ideas into designs. They know all the tools well and make your home beautiful as you want.

Utilize the Available Space

It is common in small urban homes to create a gorgeous layout in less space. But you can call an interior designer to do this task. He will come to your home or office and look at the total space. Then he will suggest the best ways in which you can utilize that space to create beautiful wall art or home décor.

What are The Benefits of Calling an Interior Designer?

Professional Level

You cannot find the design of the walls or floors or roofs on your own. An interior designer has experience of many years and gives creative ideas to enhance the look of your homes and offices. He finds better ideas than you to make your home a perfect place for living.

Accuracy in Planning

Finding the colors and materials for a new home is a complex thing. You need to do proper research about the quality of materials and the sources to get them. Calling an interior designer is a benefit for your homes and offices. He will find the best materials and tools for your homes. It will save time and you can get better results.

Affordable Decision

Designing the full house on your own becomes a costly thing. You have to buy paints, plaster materials, and other tools at high rates. The interior designers have a good network with plumbers, carpenters, and contractors.

You have to pay the fees to an interior designer. He will find the highest quality materials and tools at lower prices than the market.

Design for Your Full Family

It is quite confusing matter for all members of a family to choose the different shades and designs. Each member has a different opinion from others. An interior designer will look into the likings of every family member and suggests the pleasing designs for the homes.

What should I Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer?

Types of Services

Different interior designers provide different kinds of services. Some provide only designing ideas while some others provide the full services in one package. If you want to change the whole look of your home from the base, you must call an experienced interior designer. He will do everything from design consulting to project management.

Ask for Previous Work Samples

Never hire an interior designer unless you see his/her previous work samples. You must ask for references or books in which they save their work samples. You can then decide the types of designs and colors for your homes and offices.

Time for Each Project

Time is an important factor in every project. You must first look at the way in which the interior designer structures his work. This will give you an idea of the total time he takes for every project. You should finalize the deal only after discussing it with him regarding the time of each project.

How much Does an Interior Designer Charge?

Different interior designers charge in different ways. Some of them charge a flat rate while some charge for an hour. There are many interior designers who take a certain percentage from the total project cost.

It is up to you to select the interior designers on the basis of charges. You must go for either a flat rate or commission basis as they are better options than paying per hour.

How to Find Affordable Interior Designers for Your Homes or Offices?

If you want many options in the selection of interior designers, you can take the help of the internet. Nowadays, it is very simple to search the most experienced interior designers in your area on the popular search engines. Besides that, you can use social media sites to find genuine interior designers for your homes and offices.

We have a list of both commercial and residential interior designers in your location. All the interior designers listed are highly creative and best at their works with many years of experience. You must know your needs and requirements and we will then help you to find the excellent interior designers. You can also have a glimpse at the previous work samples and call the smart interior designer to get more details.

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