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    Reviewed at Design Tech Associate



  • RAchna

    Reviewed at Real Image Infra

    Journey from Impossible to Possible with Vijay ji & his team (Real Image Infra) It all started in 2022 when we bought a 4 BHK penthouse which was super spacious but in very bad shape as it had been locked for more than 10 years. Buying it was simpler but next step of renovation looked like a humongous task. There were two major challenges – Renovation budget & then finding the right person/firm to take up this task as we had no clue from where to start and what will be the budget involved. Then we met Vijay Ji @Real image infra and he looked very confident about taking up this task and explained everything very simply and professionally. Best part was he never quoted any budget which would have been out of bound for us. In fact, he planned things as per the budget we had in hand. He always insisted on building a strong structure and the right design at first. Eventually, we moved to the interior aspects which were all designed and suggested by Vijay ji & his team. There were lot of discussions and Tea sessions involved in planning these aspects as definitely there was difference of opinion at various points but with healthy discussions everything worked out perfectly towards the end. Vijay ji works very collaboratively with the customer and gives lot of personal touch to things without enforcing anything. Also, he had been extremely flexible about incorporating any change in scope, design or preference. His work speaks for itself and I don’t need to talk much about it. It had been a great journey working with Vijay Ji & his firm ‘Real Image Infra’ and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to transform their house into a beautiful home with lot of lovely memories of the journey. Thanks Vijay ji, @Real Image Infra for making our dream come true.


  • Varun Saxena

    Reviewed at Samreena Interior Design

    We got our kitchen and drawing room renovated in a month of June 2023, they took all our money saying they need to give it to labour so that further things can be done and didn't complete all the work, it's been 1 year since then. After receiving the complete payment, they have not completed anything that was pending and not repaired anything which was improper/not functional. They gave us confirmation and asked us to trust them that they will complete all the work and things pending however there has been no action taken by them additionally they gave us guarantee on all the material and fixtures that has been incorporated in our home and ensured us that they will make all the necessary adjustments in case anything is not functional for example chimney which is very noisy they said that there is a part missing in it and they'll fix it but it hasn't been done yet, sink in the kitchen has been sunk from its original position as it was not fixed properly, RO/water purifier that they have installed in the modular kitchen setup has stopped working at least 10-15 times since then which we had to get that repaired repeatedly by ourselves, LED lights installed in the falls ceiling has started fluctuating from past few months, the wallpaper was applied in the entire wall and was left as their calculation of the wallpaper was wrong and they did not bother to get some more wallpaper to put over the wall to complete it, instead whatever wallpaper was left was pasted on the back of the door just to utilize the insufficient wallpaper. They promised to get us wall center piece however there is no sign of it yet, the modular kitchen doors has already started to falling off, the wall mounted corner piece that they were supposed to complete is still incomplete and the lighting of corner is very improper and was not what we expected and ironically it is still not wall mounted. It looks like an unfinished home with zero knowledge of interior, civil and plumbing, the wooden flooring on the corners/skirting on the corners is unfinished and can hurt anyone. We are extremely disappointed and tired of unlimited reminders and pleads that we have made to the supervisor Suhel Ahmad and every time he either promises to complete and to give him some time to get back to us or completely ignores our calls and messages. We would never recommend to take any services from them and anyone who is reading this, we sincerely request to save yourself and not indulging with them for any services. It’s been like a complete trauma for us for almost a year now.


  • Akanksha Thorat

    Reviewed at SpaceEdit Studio

    Thanks to Space Edit Studio, our living space finally resembles the ideal house we've always desired. They listened to our requests and built the home of our dreams. Certainly, the voyage with them has been smooth and enjoyable.


  • Siddharth Bawa

    Reviewed at D3D Infra and Waterproofing Services

    Poor quality work! Do not assign them any work, they dont know the work. Owner, Dharmendra very unprofessional and has poor sense of problem diagnosis. They take too much time to first complete the work which is of substandard quality and leave the repair work incomplete. And this under 5 years warranty, still of no use. The owner makes false promises whenever you call him. Kindly remove such unprofessional people from your website. Poor experience !!!!!


  • Mayank

    Reviewed at Sagar Carpenter Work

    I want to carpenter for my furniture shop in chhattisgarh..


  • Sakshi

    Reviewed at Interiobest

    Very punctual and good design services


  • Palak Singhal

    Reviewed at Interiobest

    Awesome design and great services


  • Karthik

    Reviewed at PaintKraft

    One of the best Painting company in the town


  • Sanjay Chatterjee

    Reviewed at Estate Lookup Interiors

    They had completed my apartment interiors at Jodhpur Park in Kolkata. Satisfied with the services as it is more than my expectation and they had achieved within my budget embedding best materials and design that looks styling and sober. Highly recommended.


  • Sudhir Ray

    Reviewed at Maharaj Electrical

    The best interior contractor in Delhi ncr.??


  • Shahida Begum

    Reviewed at Vitruvio Groups

    Great quality and they hear their customers out and empathise on our needs and wants. extremely happy with their services. all the best team...!


  • Vishal

    Reviewed at Onyx Interiors

    Beautifying a home is an art and Onyx Interior excelled in it with perfection.They provide us new designs and still try to fit them in our budget.They have very professional team.Siddharth sir gets involved in each minute discussion, suggestion and and starve for your satisfaction. His timely visits to the site and passion to deliver quality output within time Separates them from others.l highly recommend their service to everyone. Thank you and All the very best Team Onyx Interiors!??


  • Amit Sharma

    Reviewed at Krafty Interiors

    Nice Work done by Krafty Interiors. It is really good to have the professional team like this.


  • Suraj Prasad

    Reviewed at Al Habeeb Interior ( The Decor Factory)

    Please dont fall into the trap of The decor factory, Alhabeb Interior or Artville design all are owned by Syed Sadath and he is a cheater. will take money and make you run after them to finish the work. Will give you absurd reasons for not doing work and also will give u wrong measurements. Will assure u BW ply but will use local one. Will also change the laminates without asking and use a low quality one. Only will ask for payments without doing work. U will end up spending ur valuable time with his workers making them do their work. No service even after full payment and will say not received full payment.


  • Nidhi

    Reviewed at Al Habeeb Interior ( The Decor Factory)

    we were brave enough to give our 2 BHK interior project to Al Habeeb (which has no google or online reviews) only to get disappointed at last. The owner, Mr. Syed will keep chasing and requesting you initially to get the project in his hands and once handed over, he wouldn't even bother to visit the site to check if the work being done is upto the mark or not. We had to literally visit our flat every weekend to check on the quality of work done and had to make list (on every visit) and report each and everything to him and then he would get it rectified (if only the damage was repairable) because few of his workers were completely inexperienced and the quality of work done by them was terrible. Coming to the quality of materials used, some of the hinges used in bathroom vanity unit have already started rusting. It was mentioned in quote agreement that all hinges used will be soft close ones and the same is missing in many of the cabinets. And biggest of all, he has taken entire amount without actually finishing the project. Few of the tasks are yet to be for which he has taken money already. Its been 3 months now, he doesn't take our calls, nor return our calls and obviously doesn't intend to finish his unfinished task.


  • Dhani

    Reviewed at Cube Interio

    I am satisfied with the consultation & execution service which was provided by Cube Interio for my office project in gurgaon. Thanks


  • Amit Kumar

    Reviewed at Cube Interio

    Excellent service providers for all your interior designing needs. I have hired them and they have completed work on time and with perfection. Highly recommendable!!


  • Yusuf Lokhandwala

    Reviewed at SARJAK DESIGN

    Creative works.



    Reviewed at Tasa Interior Designer

    TASA interior designer group are one of the best designer. They renovated our kitchen so well.


  • Akash

    Reviewed at Thunga Group

    A good team for A good work & good manegmant


  • Pushpendra Singh

    Reviewed at SS Enterprises

    Excellent job work done by Sunil Ji


  • Gowda nagaraj gubbi

    Reviewed at Tasa Interior Designer

    One of my family member recommended & suggested TASA interior designer, I called them & in-spite of their any ideas or suggestions I showed them my reference pictures. Said My Budget & my Time Line, This was my condition & TASA interior designer followed in right sprite. Highly thankful to their unique & very sense full designing. of My 3 BHK looks more spacious after the renovation. There is no clutter & very comfortable interior. I like English colour & after visiting their website I thought this is the right choice & they proved me right. I will also recommend to all my friends & family members.


  • Ravi

    Reviewed at Arka Interiors and Architecture

    I used Arka Interiors for my commercial space. Very nice service i had and also coordination between the team is very good.


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Introduction to the role of Interior Contractors

Let's talk about Interior Contractors – the awesome folks who make spaces look and feel amazing! Think of them as the wizards of design, turning ordinary rooms into magical places. When you have a vision for your home or office, these experts bring it to life. It's like having a team of creative superheroes working behind the scenes to make your space uniquely yours.

Interior Contractors aren't just about making things look pretty; they're like the architects of coziness and style. They know how to arrange furniture, pick colors, and create an atmosphere that suits you perfectly. It's like having a personalized space that feels just right for you.

Imagine walking into a room, and it instantly makes you smile. That's the magic of Interior Contractors! They understand your dreams and use their creative powers to make them real. It's like having a touch of enchantment in your everyday spaces.

So, the next time you love the way your home or office looks and feels, give a little nod to the Interior Contractors who worked their magic. They're the ones turning your spaces into places where you feel right at home, surrounded by the style and comfort you've always wanted!

Step into the world of interior magic with KreateCube's list of Interior Contractors & Decorators. We've gathered experts who are like interior wizards, ready to make your home dreamy and your office stylish. These professionals know how to make spaces special, whether you want a cozy home or a cool office. Let KreateCube connect you with these experts, and watch as your interiors transform into something truly wonderful!

At KreateCube, finding the perfect Interior Contractors & Decorators is like discovering a treasure trove of creative possibilities. Imagine a team of experts dedicated to making your space not just beautiful, but uniquely yours. From residential coziness to commercial chic, our professionals bring a touch of magic to every project. Elevate your interiors with the expert touch of our curated list, and let your imagination unfold into a reality that reflects your style and personality. Trust KreateCube to be your guide in turning your interior dreams into vibrant, welcoming spaces.

How to Find Authentic Interior Contractors in your area

Looking for genuine Interior Contractors in your area? Let's make it easy! Start by figuring out what you need for your home or office – maybe a cozy makeover or a cool new look. Ask friends or family if they know any good Interior Contractors; personal recommendations are like gold. You can also check online reviews to hear what others are saying about contractors. KreateCube is here to simplify your search, and they partner with authentic Interior Contractors, so you're in good hands.

Once you have some recommendations, take a closer look at the contractors. Check if they have the right paperwork, like licenses and insurance – it's like their ID card for being a reliable professional. KreateCube's partners are vetted, so you can trust that they meet all the standards. Dive into their previous work by looking at photos of what they've done before. KreateCube showcases their partners' portfolios, making it easy for you to see if their style matches what you're looking for.

Remember, KreateCube is like your guide in this journey. They connect you with trusted Interior Contractors who are ready to bring your ideas to life. So, relax and let KreateCube's partners make your interior dreams a reality!

Qualities to Look for in Interior Contractors

When searching for Interior Contractors, it's essential to identify key qualities that set authentic and reliable professionals apart. Here are some crucial qualities to look for:

Experience and Expertise: Seek contractors with a proven track record and relevant experience in the type of project you're undertaking. Experience often translates to a deep understanding of design challenges and effective solutions.

Good Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital for a successful collaboration. Look for contractors who actively listen to your ideas, provide clear updates, and address any concerns promptly. Clear communication ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the project.

Creativity and Design Sensibility: Assess the contractor's creativity and design sensibility by reviewing their portfolio. A skilled Interior Contractor should have a diverse portfolio showcasing various styles and an ability to tailor designs to clients' preferences.

Reliability and Professionalism: Look for contractors who exhibit reliability and professionalism in their work. This includes meeting deadlines, adhering to budgets, and maintaining a high standard of professionalism throughout the project.

Attention to Detail: Interior design involves intricate details that contribute to the overall aesthetics. Choose contractors who pay attention to these details, ensuring a polished and well-executed final result.

Transparent Pricing and Contracts: Seek contractors who provide transparent pricing and clearly defined contracts. A trustworthy professional will be upfront about costs, avoiding any surprises during or after the project.

References and Reviews: Request references from previous clients and explore online reviews. Positive testimonials and reviews can provide insights into a contractor's reliability, quality of work, and client satisfaction.

Flexibility and Adaptability: projects may evolve, and unforeseen changes may occur. Look for contractors who exhibit flexibility and adaptability, willing to adjust plans as needed while maintaining the project's overall integrity.

Problem-Solving Skills: may arise during a project, and effective problem-solving skills are crucial. Contractors who can navigate obstacles and find solutions demonstrate resilience and professionalism.

Licensing and Insurance: Ensure that Interior Contractors are licensed and adequately insured. Licensing indicates that they meet industry standards, while insurance provides protection in case of accidents or damages during the project.

Project Management by Interior Contractors

When Interior Contractors manage a project, they start by planning everything out. They talk to you to understand what you want, set goals for the project, and figure out how much time and money it will take. Once the planning is done, they get into the details of the design, like picking colors, choosing materials, and creating floor plans. They show you their ideas, and together, you decide what will work best for your space.

Managing the budget is a big part of the job. Contractors make sure to estimate how much everything will cost, including materials and labor. Throughout the project, they keep an eye on the money to make sure it stays on track. They also manage resources, like materials and people, and make sure everyone is doing their part at the right time. This helps the project stay organized and finish on time.

Interior Contractors are like project superheroes – they plan, they design, and they make sure everything happens smoothly. Communication is key, so they keep you in the loop and make sure you're happy with how things are going. If there are any issues, they find solutions. It's like having a guide on your interior journey, making sure your ideas become a reality. So, when you see a beautifully designed space, remember the Interior Contractors who worked behind the scenes to make it happen!

Residential vs. Commercial Interior Contractors

Residential contractors are the experts who make our homes cozy and uniquely ours. They focus on bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, creating spaces that match our personal style and preferences. It's like having a friend who knows exactly how to make our home feel like home.

On the other side, Commercial Interior Contractors are like the designers for offices. They work on bigger projects, like offices, stores, and public places. Instead of personal styles, they focus on making spaces functional and representing the brand's identity. It's like creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks in, whether it's customers or employees.

Residential and Commercial Interior Contractors both have their special powers. Residential contractors make our homes special and comfortable, while commercial contractors transform spaces into places that are not only practical but also reflect the personality of a office. So, whether it's your cozy home or a bustling store, there's a superhero Interior Contractor making it all happen!

Tailored Solutions from Interior Contractors

Imagine Interior Contractors as your personal design wizards, ready to craft spaces that feel like they were made just for you. It all starts with a friendly chat, where they listen to your ideas, understand your lifestyle, and figure out what you want in your space.

Once they know your vision, these contractors get creative. They design concepts that match your style, favorite colors, and the kind of atmosphere you dream of having in your space. It's like having a friend who knows exactly how to make your place uniquely yours.

They help you pick the right materials, from the perfect flooring to the paint on the walls. It's all about making sure every detail fits your taste and needs. If there are challenges along the way, these design superheroes find clever solutions to make everything work just the way you want it.

Budget is important too. They understand your financial plan and find options that not only look great but also stay within your budget. With continuous communication and a touch of creativity, Interior Contractors make sure your space isn't just a place; it's your own special haven tailored just for you.

How to find Interior Contractors near me?

Looking for Interior Contractors near you with the help of KreateCube is as easy as pie! Start by going to the KreateCube website – it's like your go-to place for all things interior. Once there, look for the "Interior Contractors" section and type in your location. This helps KreateCube find professionals close to you.

Now comes the fun part – exploring the list of Interior Contractors available in your area. KreateCube partners with these experts, so you know you're getting quality service. Click on their profiles to see more about what they do, like their past projects and what clients say about them.

Found someone who seems like a good match? Great! Use the contact details provided – it could be a phone number or an email – to get in touch directly. Ask about your project, request quotes, and discuss your ideas. KreateCube is like your interior matchmaker, connecting you with the right professionals to make your space special. So, go ahead, start your interior journey, and let the magic happen!

Skilled Craftsmanship in Interior Contractors

Picture skilled Interior Contractors as the artists of the home, using their hands to turn designs into reality. Their superpower lies in precision – they make sure every detail, from custom furniture to unique features, fits perfectly. It's like creating a masterpiece that suits your space just right.

Craftsmanship, for these experts, is all about the small things that make a big difference. They pay special attention to every little detail, whether it's the finishing touches on a surface or the way different materials come together. It's this attention to detail that makes your space not just good but extraordinary.

Skilled craftsmen also work closely with other experts, like electricians and plumbers, to make sure everything fits together seamlessly. They're problem-solvers too – if unexpected issues pop up, they find clever solutions to keep the project moving smoothly. Think of them as the ultimate problem-solving superheroes for your home.

What makes these craftsmen even more special is their ability to adapt and learn new tricks. They stay updated on the latest techniques, using modern methods to create spaces that feel fresh and innovative. So, when you see a beautifully finished room, know that it's the skilled craftsmanship of Interior Contractors that made it happen – turning your home into a work of art!

Factors to consider when Choosing Interior Contractors

Flexibility and Adaptability: Assess the contractor's flexibility in accommodating changes or unexpected challenges that may arise during the project. A contractor who can adapt to evolving circumstances demonstrates resilience and professionalism.

Project Management Skills: Evaluate the contractor's project management skills, including their ability to plan, organize, and oversee all aspects of the project. Effective project management ensures a smooth and well-coordinated workflow.

Insurance Coverage: Confirm that the Interior Contractors have adequate insurance coverage. This includes liability insurance to protect against accidents or damages during the project. Insurance coverage provides an additional layer of security for both parties.

Local Knowledge and Regulations: Local knowledge is valuable in understanding regional design trends and complying with local regulations. Contractors familiar with local building codes and permit requirements can navigate the project more efficiently.

Environmental Consciousness: Consider contractors who incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their designs. A commitment to environmental consciousness aligns with modern trends and contributes to a more responsible approach to interior projects.

Networking with Suppliers: A well-connected contractor with a network of reliable suppliers ensures access to quality materials. Establishing strong relationships with suppliers contributes to the timely and efficient execution of the project.

Transparent Communication on Costs: Transparency in discussing costs, potential additional expenses, and any changes to the initial budget is essential. A contractor who communicates openly about financial aspects fosters trust and a transparent working relationship.

Technology Integration: Consider contractors who leverage technology in their design process. Those proficient in using design software and other digital tools can provide more accurate visualizations and enhance collaboration throughout the project.

Post-Project Support: Inquire about post-project support and warranty options. A contractor who offers support after the completion of the project demonstrates a commitment to client satisfaction and ensures that any post-installation issues are addressed promptly.

Cultural Sensitivity: projects with cultural or specific theme requirements, choose contractors who show sensitivity and understanding towards such aspects. This ensures that the design aligns with cultural nuances or specific themes important to the client.

What are the responsibilities of an Interior Contractors?

Interior Contractors wear many hats to make your design dreams come true! They start by talking with you, figuring out what you want in your space, and planning how to make it happen. This planning involves setting timelines, deciding on budgets, and outlining all the tasks that need to be done.

Once the plan is ready, Interior Contractors work on bringing the design to life. They team up with designers to turn ideas into real plans. Think of them as the builders who make sure everything is just the way you want it – from choosing materials to arranging furniture.

Budgets are important too, and Interior Contractors help you navigate the costs. They estimate how much everything will cost, help you pick materials that fit your style and budget, and make sure everything stays on track. They're like your project superheroes, making sure everything runs smoothly and your space turns into the perfect haven you've been dreaming of!

The benefits of working with an Interior Contractors

Imagine having a trusted partner to guide you through the exciting world of transforming your space. That's the role Interior Contractors play in making your design dreams come true. These professionals are like your project superheroes, bringing a wealth of expertise in design, construction, and project management. Their job is to take your ideas and turn them into a stunning reality, handling all the details so you can enjoy the creative process stress-free.

Working with Interior Contractors means getting a design experience tailored just for you. They sit down with you, chat about your style, preferences, and how you envision your space. It's like having a design buddy who understands your unique taste and crafts a plan to match it perfectly. The best part? They handle all the planning, ensuring your project stays within your budget and finishes on time. It's like having a design expert and project manager rolled into one, making the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

Quality is a top priority for Interior Contractors. They use their connections and experience to source top-notch materials for your project. This not only guarantees a stunning look for your space but also ensures its durability over time. And when it comes to managing costs, these professionals are real pros. They find clever solutions that don't break the bank, making sure you get a dreamy space without stressing about the budget. With Interior Contractors as your partners, your design journey becomes an adventure filled with creativity, quality, and a stress-free transformation of your space. They handle the tough stuff, leaving you to enjoy the magic of your newly designed home or office.

About KreateCube – your end to end Interior Contractors partner

Picking KreateCube as your Interior Contractors partner is like unlocking a treasure chest of design possibilities! It's not just a platform; it's your go-to place for finding trustworthy and skilled professionals who are ready to bring your design dreams to life.

With KreateCube, you get a wide variety of Interior Contractors to choose from, each with their unique expertise. It's like having a team of design experts at your fingertips, and the best part is, they're all trusted and verified. No need to worry about reliability – KreateCube ensures that every professional meets high standards of quality.

Your design journey becomes super easy with KreateCube. You can explore the profiles of Interior Contractors, check out their past projects, and pick the ones whose style matches your vision. It's like having your own design matchmaker! Plus, KreateCube doesn't just stop at connecting you; it helps you manage your project efficiently and provides all the resources and support you need. So, with KreateCube, your design adventure is not just exciting but also smooth and stress-free!

Why Choose KreateCube

Choosing KreateCube as your Interior Contractors online directory is like having a trusted friend guide you through the exciting world of design. This platform connects you with a wide array of Interior Contractors, ensuring you have plenty of options to pick the perfect match for your project. What's really cool is that every professional listed on KreateCube is verified and trustworthy, taking away the worry of finding reliable experts.

KreateCube is not just a directory; it's your personal design matchmaker. You get to explore the profiles of Interior Contractors, check out their past projects, and choose the ones whose style resonates with your vision. It's like finding the right puzzle piece for your design puzzle! And it doesn't stop there – KreateCube goes the extra mile by providing tools to help you manage your project efficiently. From staying organized to tracking progress, the platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Communication is made super easy on KreateCube. You can have open and clear conversations with your chosen Interior Contractors, making sure everyone is on the same page. Plus, the platform prioritizes quality, partnering with experts who take pride in their craftsmanship and ensure your satisfaction. KreateCube isn't just a directory; it's your go-to companion for a stress-free and enjoyable design journey, turning your ideas into beautifully crafted spaces.

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