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    • Deepak

      Home Interior design industry is turning out to be a money spinner in India due to rising income levels. I am talking about big money, typical bills can range 7–25 lakhs. Several web-based startups like ZED Associates Pvt Ltd has jumped to make quick bucks. I have severely burnt my fingers and would like to share the modus operandi of this/similar fraudulent company for you to be cautious. Red flag Pointers are: These factory based interior design company will charge 50% in advance. Remember any industry that demands large advance can/will misuse their vantage position e. g. Real estate. Factory based also means you are paying for things that you don’t see till the very end. Fraud and con artists appear innocent and can read your mind. Gaining your trust is their best first step and then nurturing a dream home in your mind will be the second. Tags like I met with the President of India (Read: holier than cow) should not let your guards down and you should continue to be suspicious of the lofty claims. An agreement will be innocently pushed claiming this to be required as per company law. Later this agreement will become your albatross since the scope of work will be vaguely worded e. g. all Hettich fitting, plywood quality and etc etc. Your project will be deliberately delayed so you panic, especially if you want to move into your house. This is the time when these thugs will start pushing substandard, poorly designed, misfit items in your house. By this time you would have likely paid 75% of an already inflated bill. At this point of time two things can happen(a) you can accept the cheap stuff by paying the remainder bills — a clear win for them (b) you may argue and ask them to return these items. In the second case they will likely file a false Police complaint to put pressure on you. Any which ways it’s a win for these fraudsters. After experiencing the worst nightmare (monetary loss, no place to live, not giving proper bills); My suggestion is to completely avoid web based or JUST dial based startups like ZED Associates Pvt Ltd On the Internet lots of things can be faked — cool website, pictures, award claims, reviews etc. The old fashioned word of mouth reference from friends is the way to minimize the risk in Interior work. Please share with your friends and family who wants to get their house interior done without being duped. for any info you can write a mail to me at digital062014@gmail.com to check my authenticity


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Zed Associates

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