How to Make your Small House Look Bigger with Decorating Ideas?

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 30-Apr-2018

Are you having a small house and looking for some decorative plans to make it big? Then you are at the right place. Decorating a small home is not an easy task as space is limited and you have to adjust within it.

Here, we bring to you 5 best and simple tips to make your house look bigger and more beautiful.

Have a look at them below:

1. Allow Natural Light to Enter

Always remember, natural lightening sets up all the space open and at the same point in time it gives a beautiful look to the room. So, never forget to have big windows around the room.

Large Windows Ideas

2. Go for Seating that has Storage Space

Nowadays, poufs are used not only for sitting purpose but also are used as extra storage. It not only creates more space but also makes the furniture more attractive and elegant. These ottomans come in many different styles and colors so make sure you are having the one.

Poufs Sitting Furniture

3. Always Choose Raised Furniture

Try to take sofas and chairs that are having legs. Through this space, light is allowed to pass and also it makes the area more spacious and airy.

Modern Furniture Ideas

4. Use Maximum Number of Mirrors

Using mirrors is indeed a very older trick included in the interior designing but still is the most popular one. If more mirrors are used in a small house, the illusion of much more space will be created. Hence, the house will appear to have more space and will seem to be less claustrophobic.

Use of Mirror in House

To give a beautiful appearance, you can buy a handful of mirrors of a different cut and paint them in the same color. Thus, you will get good space appearance as well beauty with the design.

5. Use Neutral and Light Color Combination for Paint

Paint is very powerful tools that can make your room appear smaller or wider. If you tend to go with dark colors, it may give an oppressive kind of feeling or the neutral colors may let the room look airy and spacious but yet boring and dull. Thus, you can use the combination of these colors to give a different feel to your home and control it the way you want.

paint colour ideas

If you want your room’s height to appear high, paint the ceiling with a light color. In case, you want to give a enlarge view to the room, use light color otherwise use bright paint to make it look cozy and warm. Paint can change the personality of the home, so be very particular about it.

These are some of the simple yet attractive décor ideas to make your small home look bigger. Try them and get the feel of it.

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  • Javed Khan

    Hi KreateCube, This was really fun to know for the first time that having mirrors magnifies the available space and it damn works. I experienced it for the first time in an office waiting room. And allowing sun light not only magnifies the space it actually illuminates each and every artifact you have in the room in day light, having furniture which allows light underway is also a great hack. You might also have included some hacks utilizing the corners, they play very key role when it comes to space utilization. As a whole amazing read. Keep it up.


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      • KreateCube

        Actually this is a power of interior designing that can transform any space into stunning look. Thanks for mentioning about "Corners", we surely keep this in mind in our next blog.


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  • Ajay Dey

    Very simple tips you have shared here. Anyone can use these ideas to make their small home look bigger.


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