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DIY Home Décor Ideas: Add the Luxury Touch in Your Compact Rooms

Anyone can construct the four walls and a ceiling if a piece of land is given. But no concrete can ever shape into a home without a woman entering the four walls with her passion for designing her home with home decor ideas. Neither on the social media nor on the shopping websites, there is no dearth of online home decor ideas. The endless search for the perfect decor makes you anxious about letting you chase for that personal crave.

home decor ideas

"Do It Yourself (DIY)" Home Decor,

However cliche the phrase may sound, the efforts and results speak value when you find the perfect piece. Tidiness and ease of finding the correct material for DIY are difficult. Therefore, we offer you the Best DIY home decor design with the perfect essence and ambiance.

Let us Show You Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas


The Mirror Trick

Might have heard about the mirror trick in order to add space to a small room. Well, the trick works differently with different size and shape of the room. Sometimes adding a single mirror helps a lot, while the other times adding two or more might not fulfill the requirement.

Decor Home With Mirror

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The Luxury Touch

When a room smells sweet one instantly falls for the luxurious essence. Off-lately the scented candles have been added to the “DIY decor Family”. You can always, with the perfect placement, add the luxurious touch and fragrance to your room with scented candles.

The Luxury Touch in Living Room

Light Curtains

The fairytale rooms are not just the talk of movies anymore. You can add that style to your bedroom as well. With the perfect fairy lights and material of the curtains in your room - you get the additional light as well as the soft touch in the decor.

Fairytale Light Curtains for Bedroom

Hide the Wires

With the electronic items increasing, managing the wires becomes a headache. How instantly a neat and vibrant room looks messy with the wires. To hide them up, some DIY tricks can be applied. Placing the ply board fence cutouts in front of the wires makes it convenient and stylish.

Style with ply board fence to hide wires

The Picture Theme Wall

Photo frames add an innovative touch in a room. However, some like it to be a family tree while the others a huge portrait. Choices might vary but the presentation is all that actually matters.

The Picture Theme Wall in room

The Chalkboard Wall

A bedroom is a place where one wants to relax and get over with the routine stress. In order to fetch new ideas and positive vibes, interior designers suggest adding a chalkboard in your room where you can change the quotes and jot down your points on a daily basis.

The Chalkboard Wall in bedroom


Adding space to your compact room with the luxurious touch and without spending a bomb on the home decor products is called a perfect interior design. Along with the above mentioned DIY home decor tips, our interior designers find ideas and place them perfectly in your room making it spacious and class apart.

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  • Last Updated 15-Dec-2018

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