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DigiArts Decor

DigiArts Decor

Digital Printing on glass, acrylic, mdf, wood, laminates, hpl, ceramic tiles, 3d flooring, sunboard & sunpack.

About the Company & Its Business

List of Services Provided :

Printed Furniture, Wardrobes, 3D Flooring,Digital Printing on glass,Digital Printing on acrylic,Digital Printing on mdf,Digital Printing on wood

Business Type :

Service Provider

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Brief Write-Up About The Company :

The basic business of DigiArts is the service of digital printing on different surfaces mainly in Interior Design sector. Printing of photo quality images directly on glass, plastic, wood, canvas or other materials earlier seemed impossible. With DigiArts UV Digital Printing Press this is possible and affordable for everybody and we are able to make any thing look individually according to the interior and therefore the owner’s personality. That is why the market of UV printing is on the booming stage.

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