Essential Artworks

Experienced maker of epoxy resin furniture pieces which represents premium segment of furnishing and deliver exclusive artwork pieces made of wood, marble with epoxy resin

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Table top,Kitchen top,Staircase, slabs,Doors

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    • Jagannath Eregowda

      Essential Artworks , you may delete my comments. I am yet to recieve the legs of table top at Bangalore. Ordered more than a month before 2022 Diwali. Recieved in November after leaving India. Sweet talks, exercise caution. Not a trustworthy deal, atleast to Indians, probably love international customers for obvious reason


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    • Gaurav

      Firstly, I would like to state that the screenshots of my chats with the famed “Krunal” owner of essential Art works is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hours and pages of the chat where there are more similar themes of incompetence and exceptionally rubbish quality delivered including points where he went to a point of trying to intimidate despite the abysmal quality. I ordered 2 tables almost 2.5 months back and paid 50% advance on the day we ordered these 2 tables – a coffee table and a consol. I am based at Gurgaon and their services are from Baroda (Vadodara). Its really been a nightmare dealing with him and there is no other in his team or company who can be contacted. After 2 months of following up and chasing, my first table top got delivered and it was in a shabby state. The following are a few observations of the many: - It was very uneven - Lots of embedded fingerprints - Bubbles - Dirt embedded on the surface causing harsh surface - The thickness was uneven on all sides of the table - The Color blend inside is poor and is not blended right with the wood - Poor finish of the table and no shine on many parts - Undulations all over the table - Was probably packed when wet and shipped so the cellophane cover blended with the table surface In addition to the above, the guy, Krunal is a horrible person to deal with. If you plan to pay him, please bid goodbye to your money. He didn’t give any receipt / invoice of the order and the advance is practically lost. No customer focus and never answers calls and only texts when he likes. The workmanship is really bad and only likes to focus on few customers – google and Hrithik’s farmhouse, UK customers, etc.. Good luck dealing with him and I haven’t received my orders for over 2.5 months. The initial promise from him was 30 days for both tables. Please don’t fall for fake reviews on his page and the real ones are where there is proof form real consumers and end users. I have already initiated my action on this crook.


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        • Jaggi

          Oh I am not alone Gaurav. Exact experience I had with Krunal . Be cautious guys . Krunal is interested in Scottish and European customers for Obvious reason


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Essential Artworks

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