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Home Stores 24 is a main assembling and commodity place of dazzling iron and wooden furnishings, gifts, embellishing things and home material items. This stage can be the most essential to guarantee the execution of the works is done inside the program recompense. Great plan would include a few gatherings to examine the total plan and coordination of the results.

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Home Furniture, Cane Furniture, Bamboo Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Cupboards, Bar Stool, Coffee Table

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Home Stores 24  is a leading manufacturing and export house of exquisite iron & wooden furniture, gifts, decorative items and home textile products.  

Classy furniture with elegance and superlative design adds an aura to business and gives character to home. Our steadily increasing esteemed client base is the testimony of the fact that how well we understand the customers’ requirements & market trends.  

Backed by our family background as pioneers of the Indian furniture manufacturers and exporters, the firm has been associated with master craftsmen in various fields to create some of the best master pieces of our time – each a painstakingly crafted Objet that you’d love to possess.

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