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Svamitva Architecture Studio

Svamitva Architecture Studio

Svamitva Architecture Studio is an architectural and interior design studio. We are a team of dynamic architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers who’ve come together to transform your dreams into reality! We pride ourselves in offering solution

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Architecture, Designing & Interior,,,,

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Akshay Mehta An ambitious and enthusiastic architect with global experience in design. His vast knowledge of the industry and formidable entrepreneurial acumen is the driving force behind Svamitva Architecture Studio. He has graduated from RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru and holds work experience with renowned architecture consultants and firms across India and USA. He regularly participates in technology and design workshops across India and Dubai, and believes that learning can come at anytime, from anywhere. Owing to his progressive outlook, Akshay firmly believes that global collaboration is the way forward – an ideology that echoes in all that SAS represents. His passion for design and knowledge for technology strengthens the team’s calibre.

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