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Sylvester Hom has many other unique designs in the portfolio to help inspire your new project. Though no two Sylvester Hom projects are the same, collection of kitchen and bedroom designs.

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Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Modular Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Cane and Bamboo Furniture, Wardrobe, Modular Kitchen

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Sylvester Hom was established in 2007, with a vision to building a market leading residential interior business with team that understand customer needs and a balance sheet that provides confidence, promotes a fun working environment delivering high quality projects, our entire team are actively involved in all projects and acknowledge it’s an eclectic group of people with varying skill sets that enable us to deliver results with thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to details, quality and finishing. Using the finest of materials, the latest in innovations and the most precise craftsmanship we deliver projects and products that are designed to exceed client expectations. Also we have a loyal group of Importers / Suppliers who are acutely aware of the sensitivities of working with any space small, medium & big. Based in Bangalore, Sylvester Hom operates a flat organizational structure that provides working team the autonomy to get on with the job and a back of house to ensure there is support when needed. We believe in process, governance and compliance; matters we take very seriously. Customers can have confidence that we are a well-managed, well-governed organisation that represents a credible counter party. We’re passionate about crafting the right blend of discipline, laughter, professional partnerships, and personal friendships. It’s about building trust between the entire team — clients, employees, and partners alike — that often becomes just as rewarding as the project itself. Because together, we can transform collective knowledge, resources, and vision into spaces that work wonderfully.

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