Ideas to Make Kids Study Room Interesting

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  • 23-May-2021

If you have a home with a study room, it is vital to make sure that this space is pleasant and welcoming. This way, your children will feel comfortable and will be encouraged to concentrate when reading, studying and doing homework.

This article will give you some practical study room ideas that will be useful if you want to furnish your kids' study room. You will see that they will begin to appreciate this space, especially if you manage to create a pleasant and harmonious environment.


Ideas for Decorating Your Children's Study Room


First Steps for An Ideal Study Room

First of all, you have to evaluate the available space and the needs of your children. If you have the choice, opt for a room in a quiet place in the house, away from where you can see the television or other noisy places, such as the kitchen.

First steps for an ideal study room

Also, do not overlook the fact that the main purpose of decorating a child's study is to create an interesting and non-distracting space. Because of this, don't fill or overload with colours.


The first of the study room ideas for decorating your children's study room concerns a simple detail: you don't have to put too much furniture in it. Limit yourself to inserting only the really essential elements so that the kids can study and organize the material, such as notebooks or pencils. In this sense, the most suitable pieces of furniture are only three: a bookcase, a desk, a waste bin and, of course, a chair.

Kids Room Furniture

Create Different Work Areas: The idea is to have two or three places in the house where the children can start studying. According to experts, this improves their productivity. The important thing is that there are not many distractions in the rooms in question.

If you have two children and enough space, it is advisable to choose an L-shaped desk to have enough space to do their homework. Just play a little with the furniture; you don't necessarily need to have walls to separate the spaces.

The Chair, Fundamental: An important step is to choose a chair that can follow the style of the overall decoration of the child's room. Your son (or daughter) will spend long periods of time there and must necessarily be comfortable, as well as at the right height above the desk.

Try to choose a model with adjustable height and material that is not too hard, with a straight back and that allows you to rest your head completely. As further advice, if you are furnishing a study room for children, it is better to avoid glass structures, as they could represent a danger.

Themes and Colours 

The choice of colour in the decoration of your children's study room is very important to create the right atmosphere. In fact, you can decorate it with fun patterns, in order to encourage them to spend more time here, without feeling the weight of an area linked to annoying tasks.

Themes and colours

Besides, it is advisable to add some personal elements, such as the favourite colour of the kids or personal touches such as photos, drawings etc. Children are very receptive to colours, and if you use a colour they love, this will surely grab their attention and interest.

Choose the Kids Study Room Based on The Child's Age and Development Stage

Younger children must be followed more by their parents, so in this case, it is good to prefer areas of the house that are easily accessible. If, on the other hand, we are talking about older children, the ideal is to prefer places other than the bedroom, full of distractions

Do Not Forget the Essential

Finally, we remind you that lighting is also an essential element in the children's study room. It does not only perform a decorative function but on the contrary, it will greatly influence the levels of concentration on the study. A well-lit room will allow the little ones to work better.

A study room that is too dark will entice the child to sleep while too aggressive lighting may bother him. Try it out: it is vital to find the right balance.

During the day, you can count on natural light to illuminate your child's workspace. The best place to install the desk is probably in the room with a large window from which lots of natural light enters. Remember to place the table in front of the window and never from behind.

Good lighting is essential, as well as (for example) a calendar hanging on the wall and everything that can be used for the study.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, don't forget that if you want study room ideas to decorate your children's study room, you will always have to take their opinions and needs into account. Involve your child in the room's furnishing: an important fact that will make the place intended for the study more pleasant. Otherwise, the risk of distractions will always be lurking.

I hope you liked these creative tips, if you want to know more about organizing your home and remodelling, find professional near you.

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    As a parent it is difficult to make a suitable study room for two of my kids. I really like this blog. You have discussed every detail that is required to create a perfect room. I will soon connect with KreateCube for my project.


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