How to Create Kids Friendly Room?

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 06-Dec-2022

Nowadays, separate room for kids is very much common among households. However, the room for kids are quite different in terms of look and feel that provides a friendly ambience to keep them energetic and revive their curiosity throughout the adolescence age. To create kids friendly room reads below few tips useful for everyone.

Few Tips to Create Kids Friendly Room


Water Proof Wall Paints

The naughtiness behaviour among kids encourage them to mess-up their room with unorganized articles, colouring or sketching on wall and watering the floor that makes them happier.

Hence, use water-proof paints with a matte finish to design your kids room that will last-long and can be easily washed or cleaned with easy hands.

Water Proof Wall Paints

Safe and Modular Coffee Table  

Kids stay active all the time and few of them jump even while playing in the room. And coffee table or centre tables are the obstructing objects that can become reason of kid’s injuries while playing.

Get a round table, few poufs and upholstered ottoman instead of traditional rectangular coffee tables.

However, you can take help of residential interior designer and decorator consultant to decorate the room of kids with amazing view.

Safe and Modular Coffee Table

Friendly Flooring and Accessories

Kids spill liquids, dirt, dust and other materials that makes floors dirty. To avoid such things, you can install washable flooring like wood, laminates and tiles.

Avoid carpets and textile matting, that are very difficult to clean when kids mess them. The floor design of kids room should always free from any kind of clothing materials and other carpeting materials.

Friendly Flooring and Accessories

Toys and Colourful Objects

Most of time kids keep themselves busy with toys or other playing objects. Hence, you should keep friendly toys in their room and also place colourful objects that keeps them energetic and active throughout the day.

To choose the right combination of toys or other playing objects you can take help of interior design consultant.

Toys and Colourful Objects

Study-friendly for Rooms to Motivate

Use study related materials and playing objects in kid’s room to keep them motivating for studying and learning.

According to age and class standard, such objects are available in the market that helps kids to remember useful things in their daily life.

Making a kid-friendly room encourages them to spend most of the time with comfort and happiness. However, you can also appoint professional interior decorator to make a kid-friendly room at low cost.

Kids Room Study Room Design

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  • Sharabh Bansal

    I know, colorful objects make kid's rooms more attractive. One more important point you have added in this blog that parents should care about is study-friendly rooms. Please write a separate detail article on this topic.


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