Top Passive Security Measures To Invest In For Your Home

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 17-Oct-2023

We all need somewhere to call home. Whether you own, rent or share a house, shelter is a basic human need and right. And home is so much more than just shelter; it's a place of rest, relaxation, and refuge from the busy trials and tribulations. It's somewhere to break bread with your friends and family. Somewhere to raise children and play with pets. A place to lounge around, watch TV, unwind, and prepare for the day ahead each morning. In short, our homes are our sanctuaries.

And that's why it pays to keep your home safe and secure. After all, the last thing that any homeowner wants is to find a trespasser on their property or to wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of an active burglary. Beyond having cash and valuables stolen, the feeling of being robbed or experiencing a home invasion is unpleasant at best. 

Top 6 passive security measures

So how can you keep your family and your property safe and secure? In this helpful article, we'll share the top passive security measures you can invest in for your home. Read on to learn more.

Invest in a Decent Fence

The best passive security measure that you can invest in for your home is a sturdy security fence. Thankfully, security fencing supplies are readily available, and can easily be secured through your local fencing supplier. 

While you may not need the same high-tech security fences that you see on commercial or industrial premises, residential security fences with spear tops are still an excellent deterrent against thieves. The thing about most robbers is that they are opportunistic above all else, and they love an easy target. If a high fence protects your home, they'll need to climb it or come back with a ladder, which is evident as dodgy behaviour to anyone passing by. 

So the sheer difficulty of scaling your security fence is truly all the deterrent that many homeowners will need in order to keep their homes secured and their family safe.

Invest in CCTV for Your Home

Another essential form of passive residential security is closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), otherwise known as surveillance systems or security cameras. A security camera that monitors your home's front and rear entrances while you're away is an essential investment for any household who wants to be more secure. 

CCTV systems can capture images of criminals entering your home store or other premises. You can then share the footage with the authorities, who can investigate and hopefully arrest and prosecute those responsible for the break-in. 

And, like other forms of passive security, CCTV systems are an excellent deterrent against nefarious sorts. The presence of security cameras can be enough to turn away would-be burglars who keep looking for an easier, softer target. 

A Motion Detector Alarm System

Another type of passive security for your home is an alarm system. This is a security system designed to generate an alert if motion is detected on your property once the alarm has been set when you leave for work or a holiday. 

Alarms basically work by relying on third-party security bodies who are set up to respond to residential alarms when they go off. Once an alarm has sounded, your security company can contact you, so you can either call the police or return home to check on your house. The alarm will also emit a loud klaxon alert to spook the thieves and send them running from your house without any ill-gotten gains.

Invest in Deadlocks

It's worth contacting your local locksmith to invest in secure deadlocks for your front and back doors if you don't already have them. Deadlocks are sturdy locks that are hard to open without the correct key, making your home more secure at its main entry points. By design, deadlocks are also far more difficult to force open or pick with tools when compared to traditional locks, meaning you won't have to worry about crafty criminals gaining access. 

There are other benefits to deadlocks, too. For instance, they require a key to lock, making it hard to lock yourself out by accident. In addition, if someone enters your home via a window, they won't be able to leave via a deadlocked door. These factors make deadlocks an essential passive home security investment for the safety-conscious homeowner. 

Install Security Lighting

Just as potential home invaders may be deterred by seeing your CCTV cameras installed at your entrances, they will likely find themselves equally deterred by a security lighting system installed on your property. These sensor-operated lights are designed to turn on when they detect movement outside, ensuring that you'll be aware of anybody approaching your home when relaxing. 

Automatic security lights can also be a highly convenient upgrade for your house, as you can return home from a night out and won't have to fish around in the dark for your keys and to open the door. And what if automatic flood security lights aren't your preference? Well, you can easily choose other types of passive outdoor lights, like solar-powered lanterns or fairy lights, to guide guests to your door at night. 

Invest in a Camera Doorbell

Have you ever had a dodgy door-to-door salesperson that you were convinced was a scammer? Or perhaps you've had a parcel stolen from your front doorstep by a porch pirate. That's where camera doorbells can play as a passive home security measure. 

These innovative camera doorbells can allow you to see who's outside without having to make yourself known at all. In other words, camera doorbells are a natural evolution of the humble peephole, providing you with the means to speak to people on your front porch without even having to reveal whether you’re home.

A Security Summary

This helpful article has shared six of the best passive security measures to invest in for your home. With all of these you can rest assured that your home and belongings will be safe and sound. 

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