5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips for Every Homeowners

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  • 12-Sep-2022

There are few jobs more challenging than being a homeowner. When something breaks down in a home you own, it is your sole responsibility to fix it. If you’re confronted with a repair issue that is above your pay grade, reaching out to professionals for help is important.

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Retaining the ability to keep the inside of your home comfortable will require routine HVAC maintenance and repair. Various components are used to keep your HVAC system running like a well-oiled machine. If one of these components’ malfunctions, it is only a matter of time before the inside of your home gets uncomfortable.

Globally, homeowners spend millions of dollars on HVAC unit repair. Before you call in an HVAC technician to fix your unit, try troubleshooting the problem yourself. Below are some troubleshooting tips all homeowners need to know.

1. Make Sure Your Furnace Is Getting Power

In just a few short months, temperatures in most of the countries will start to fall. When cold weather moves into your area, you will have to fire up your furnace to keep the inside of your home warm. If you can’t get your furnace to come on, then you need to make sure it is getting power. Your furnace is tied to a breaker inside of your circuit box.

If wiring issues or a power surge occurs, the breaker will shut off the flow of power to your furnace. Looking at your circuit box to see if the breaker that powers your furnace is tripped is a wise move. In some cases, you can turn this breaker back on and fix the issues in question.

However, if the breaker that powers your furnace continues to trip, you need to reach out to Morris Jenkins furnace repair service for help. With this professional assistance, you can pinpoint the cause of your furnace issues and get them fixed quickly.

2. Figuring Out Why Your HVAC Unit is Running Constantly

If the temperatures outside are extremely hot, it is normal for your HVAC unit to run more often. However, if your unit is running all day without cutting off, you need to figure out why. If an HVAC unit doesn’t shut off, it can damage internal components and increase the price of your monthly energy bill.

Failing to address this common problem can lead to your HVAC unit wearing out prematurely. This is why you have to figure out what is causing your unit to run constantly. When trying to troubleshoot this issue, turn off your thermostat.

If your unit does not turn off after changing the thermostat settings, then you need to call in a professional. You also need to make sure your air filter isn’t clogged. A unit that is deprived of airflow might run constantly. Changing your air filter once every two months is something you should view as essential HVAC maintenance.

3. Your Unit Won’t Produce Cool Air

Being unable to cool your home off during the summer months can be extremely stressful. If you don’t feel cool air coming out of your vents, then you have to start the process of troubleshooting this issue. The first thing you need to check when faced with this problem is your electrical panel. If the breaker tied to your HVAC unit hasn’t tripped, then you need to continue the troubleshooting process.

Checking the belt on your blower should be the next step in this process. If the flower motor isn’t working, you will be unable to fill your home with cool air. A broken blower fan belt is hard to replace, which is why leaving this job to professionals is a must.

If your belt is intact, then you might be encountering an issue caused by low refrigerant. An HVAC technician will be able to check your refrigerant levels. They can also top off your refrigerant if it is low. With their help, you can pinpoint the source of your refrigerant leak and get it fixed in no time.

4. Finding the Source of HVAC Water Leaks

If your HVAC unit is doing its job, then you will have no problem keeping the inside of your home comfortable. When your unit cools off warm air, lots of moisture will be created. The condensate drain built into your HVAC system will help to remove this moisture and carry it to the outside of your residence.

Condensate drain clogs are quite common. If this drain is clogged, you might start to notice water dripping from your vents. The longer this problem persists, the harder it will be to avoid water damage. Dirt and small insects can clog up your condensate drain.

When confronted with this problem, you need to find your condensate drain and check for clogs. Flushing your condensate drain a few times a year with warm water and bleach is a great way to prevent these clogs. If you’re unable to figure out these drainage issues on your own, then paying professionals for assistance is your best bet.

5. Figuring Out Why Strange Noises Are Coming from Your Unit

Malfunctioning HVAC units will display a number of warning signs. Loud and strange noises coming from your HVAC unit are an indication that something is wrong. These sounds will usually come in the form of squealing, vibrations and grinding noises.

If your unit is squealing, the blower belt if either worn or out of alignment. Grinding noises are generally an indication that motor bearings are damaged. Regardless of what noises your unit is making, getting to the bottom of the problems causing them is vital.

Routine maintenance is a great way to stay a step ahead of serious repair issues. This maintenance will also keep your unit efficient. This means you can save money on your monthly energy bills during the summer and winter months.

As soon as you notice problems with your HVAC unit, you need to take action. By using the troubleshooting tips covered here, you can get to the bottom of your HVAC problems in no time.

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