Vastu Tips for Living Room: An Ultimate Guide

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 01-Dec-2022

A living room, basically a part of western architecture, also known as drawing room or sitting room or lounge or lounge room, is a room in residential house or flat or apartment for relaxing, togetherness and sharing moments.

As per house Vastu tips, living room is a gateway to enter positive or negative energies in your house. Because, living room always situated near by main door of house.

So, a proper arrangement of living room, helps to bring wealth, prosperity and happiness in your house.

To attract only positive energies for success and joy, you have to set-up your living room decoration on the basis of Vastu plans. Let us throw a glimpse of useful Vastu tips for living room.

Vastu Shastra for Living Room

Vastu Tips to Set-up Living Room


Living Room Location

If you really want your drawing room to fill with positivity, you must choose its location in North, North-West, East, and North-East. If not, you can take up another option of South-East or South-West. These living room locations bring prosperity and peace in your home.


Main Door

Main door always grabs attention of guests, before entering in your place. You must always construct main door in directions of North, North-East or East. These directions open the way for victory in your home.

TV and South-East Direction

One of the best Vastu Shastra ideas for living room is to keep a television in a South-East direction. Main reason for this placement is comfort that you get by watching TV in living room. Apart from that, morning sun rays give more energy to your body.

Sofa Sets

No drawing-room is complete without soft and velvety sofas. There are also some useful vastu tips for arrangement of sofa sets. You must either place sofa sets against North or East walls. The reason behind this organization is that you can get bright sun rays from East direction in home.

Living Room Lighting

Living rooms should always have bright lights to bring positive energy to home. If you want to make your family members and guests feel happy, you must light up drawing-room well. Moreover, it is a wonderful idea to put large lamps and shiny bulbs in living room.

Put AC on West

With the increase in temperature, it becomes necessary to install an air conditioner in your hall. West wall is the perfect position for installation of air conditioner. During hot summer season, walls on west side heat more than other walls. An air conditioner will maintain balance in temperature of drawing-room.


Your drawing-room should always include bold patterns, bright colors and artistic designs. It is advisable to place a water fountain in North or East directions of hall. You can choose stone, clay, copper or glass water fountain as these materials drag positivity in place.


A fish aquarium is also another elegant item for your living room interior. It gives mental peace and relaxation to watch colorful fishes moving in water. Further, aquarium enhances indoor atmosphere. It is also recommended in Feng Shui to choose fish aquarium for your drawing-room.

Wall Paints

You need to be a little more selective when it comes to brightening up your living room. If you wish to make your hall more attractive, you should select beautiful colors. They include blue, white, green or light-yellow colors. Never use black or bright red colors as they distract your mind and attract negative energies.

Real Flowers

Vastu Shastra suggests you keep real flowers and remove artificial ones from hall. The main reason for choosing real flowers is that they give positive energy, whereas artificial flowers attract negative energy.

Declutter the Drawing Room

Bright lighting makes your living room area livelier and more stunning to look. Apart from that, you should also remove unnecessary things from living room. Several tables and chairs in home increase stress and distraction. On the other hand, less and proper size furniture will make you feel relaxed.

Avoid Circular Furniture

The best furniture for living room is that which has rectangular or square shapes. Never select circular or round tables as they consume more space in room. Besides that, they cannot keep flower vase, other decorative items & accessories properly.

Hang Paintings

Every drawing room has exquisite paintings. They do not only act as home decor stuff, but also enhance blank walls. While choosing paintings, you must choose ones that evoke feelings of happiness, comedy, and positivity. Avoid wall paintings that display darkness, sadness, and negative emotions.

Put Large Chandelier

A hall without chandelier looks boring and colorless. You must choose a South-West direction to hang a large chandelier. But a large chandelier does not mean that you must choose tall one. It can create an obstruction in room.


Seating Arrangement for Guests

As per Vastu consultants, organization of seats will play a major role in serving guests. You should always select either South-East or Northwest directions for arranging seats for guests. These directions will increase mental relaxation and peace.


You can select light or dark colors for curtains of living room. If you are going for light curtains, you can hang them on the North-East side. On the other hand, you can select a South-west direction for dark curtains.

Say No to Exposed Beams

Many homeowners love exposed beams but Vastu Shastra experts tells to avoid them completely. They disturb you rather than beautifying living room. Instead of beams, you can choose a false ceiling or some ceiling works to accentuate drawing-room.


One of the best Vastu tips for drawing-room is to keep fireplace on South-East side. This direction symbolizes a place of fire. Never place fireplace in North-East as it gets natural sunlight already.

Want more deeper advice for your residential or commercial project? Go through with these vastu consultants in Mumbai.

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  • Kunal Chaudhary

    I was searching for this type of guide on vastu shastra for living rooms. You have covered all the stuff. I have cleared my doubts related to aquarium, curtains & fireplace. Thanks Kreatecube


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      • KreateCube

        You're welcome here. We hope you like our other write-up on living room design, remodel and decor ideas.


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