10 Helpful Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 09-Aug-2023

Bathrooms are a tricky space to decorate because everyone doesn’t have a large, luxurious bathroom as one sees in the movies and magazines.

In most regular homes or apartments, bathrooms are the smallest room in the space and for that reason can be confusing when it comes to making them homely and comfortable especially without spending the big bucks.

With simple organizational wonder tricks and some sensible homely and aesthetic touches, your bathroom can be a real Zen place regardless of its size.


Spread the Green

Bathrooms are a small, cluttered space and many bathrooms don’t even have windows. Adding a spot of green such as a couple of succulents, low light plants or even faux greenery can really add freshness to the space.

The color green automatically signals calm, relaxation, and rejuvenation to the brain so every time you step into the bathroom you will feel absolutely wonderful.

If there is very little space, hanging plants from a nail or command hook is a great idea as they will use available vertical space. Not to mention real plants automatically purify the air wherever they are. So you don’t need to install an air purifier.

Spread the Green

Vertical Space Utilization

Another tip on the principle of utilizing vertical space in a small room is to install high, narrow shelving. This will give you a great deal of extra storage without compromising on the space you have to move around in the bathroom.

Eyeing Luxury Home Interiors On A Budget

Wall shelving can also be used for various decorative items like flower pots, vases, jars, and also practical items like towels and toiletries. Using a light bamboo-colored type of wood for your shelves adds a further calming and cozy touch as opposed to dark oak.

Vertical Space Utilization in Bathroom

Leave the Counter Clean

The smaller a bathroom is the more cluttered it can appear if items are just lying around. The countertop is usually the first thing that someone notices when they step inside and when it is filled with items like deodorant or toothpaste it can give an untidy look.

Store all items away from sight such as on shelves, cabinets, or in baskets tucked away. This will give the illusion of a wide, open space making the bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.

Leave the bathroom Counter Clean and organized

Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors are used to give the illusion of more space in houses and apartments, and if used sensibly can do the same for your bathroom.

Investing in a large mirror can really lift the space and make the bathroom appear longer and more spacious. Not to mention it is a practical addition too for makeup, hairstyling, and shaving.

Using a mirror cabinet (a cabinet in which one side is a mirror) is a brilliant combo piece to install. Consider reaching out to Gatsby Glass for a variety of mirror options, and for a brilliant combo piece.

Mirror on Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Frame It Up

Frames add a lot of personality to any wall. If you have a fairly basic bathroom design with plain white walls to top it off, you can use the power of frames to upgrade it.

Using different frames (some vintage, some modern, and some plain) with art prints, quotes, memorabilia, and even posters to add a touch of style to an otherwise drab space.

Frame It Up you bathroom Walls

The Use of Metals

An industrial style of interior décor has become popular in the last decade or so which uses a lot of metals; whether it be black metal, copper, gold, silver, or grey. You can incorporate this style in a bathroom of any size using pipe-style shelving, or framed mirrors, or hanging shelves.

These metals also create a neutral palette that other décor ideas can settle easily into.

The Use of Metals in Bathroom for Storage

Mason Jars and Baskets

YouTube has popularized cottage-themed décor items like mason jars, wicker baskets, fuzzy blankets, large mugs, and knitted organizers. Your bathroom can also be made cozy by using knitted organizers for everyday essentials as well as mason jars for holding toiletries and flowers.

Baskets are wonderful for holding laundry, towels or other bathroom items as it looks aesthetically pleasing on the outside.

Bathroom Decor using with Mason Jars and Baskets

Distressed and Rustic

Beach style rustic wood is very fashionable and you can find upcycled rustic or distressed wood panels from certain outlets which are easy to fashion into shelves even with the bare minimum of skill and expense.

You can also add in other sea-related or beach-style elements like a matching shower curtain or wall hangings to give it an authentic ‘at sea’ feel.

Distressed and Rustic look for bathroom

The Walls and Floors

Stick on surface paper that comes in every imaginable style from brown granite to pink marble is a wonderful low-cost DIY item that is used by people that admire a certain style but cannot afford the price tag. It is also a good choice for young people living in an apartment where they can’t obviously uproot the existing tiling of the bathroom.

This contact paper eliminates the need for big structural changes in the bathroom like installing a walk-in bathtub for example and gives you the effect you are looking for.

Change up the wallpaper to anything from vintage to retro and geometrical to funky. You can use the contact paper on countertops, shelves, and even floors in an otherwise dingy bathroom to greatly upscale the way it looks.

Bathroom Walls and Floors decoration

Lights and Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are a mood when it comes to the bathroom. Even if a bathroom is small no one can deny the power of a crystal or vintage chandelier as it makes the room appear brighter and extravagant.

There are many types of chandeliers available nowadays that don’t need an extra light fixture (they have a battery-powered bulbs) and can stick using command hooks or similar mechanisms so they don’t damage the paint or the wall in a rental space.


If a chandelier is not your style, simply improving the lighting in the bathroom can do wonders for the ambiance. Use lanterns, spotlights, or stick-on vanity lights for the mirror or any type of light fixtures (recycled or vintage ones are also a treat) to really brighten up a dingy space.

Bathroom Lights and Chandeliers ideas

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