15 Dreamy Light Fixtures for Every Small & Large Bathroom

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 17-Oct-2022

Bathroom is where we feel fresh and relaxed after the tiring day. Today, there are numerous ideas for bathroom lighting. You can decorate the bathroom in multiple ways, particularly the lighting area.

While choosing the lights, you should keep in mind the amount of brightness they give during the day as well as night.


Some Latest Bathroom Lighting Ideas


Vintage Lights

Vintage architecture is picking a great speed these days in modern homes. You can also put a vintage light in your bathroom. It may include a simple ancient designed lamp or a crystal chandelier. Believe it!

Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "certified-lighting"

LED Bulbs

If you want a simple yet beautiful bathroom lighting concept, you can fit LED bulbs. They consume less energy and give bright light. Whether it is day or night, these LED bulbs will serve the purpose well.

Bathroom LED Bulb Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "adaptive.marketing"

Geometric Lamps

Geometric lamps are modern ideas for bathroom light. You can get a spherical or square lamp with unique designs for enhancing the look of your bathroom. Go for a different style tub for a more pleasing look.

Bathroom Geometric Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "diynetwork"


Decorative ceiling lights look classy in the bathroom. You can place spotlights in the ceiling which spreads a magical touch in the bathroom. One of the best bathroom lighting fixtures is to place a crystal lamp in the middle area with spotlights on the sides.

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "pmcshop"

Candlestick Chandelier

You can enjoy bathing in the candlelight as much as you can. Simple candles, put above the bathtub really give a soothing feel.

Bathroom Candlestick Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "decorpad"

Glittering Lights

Nowadays, you can find many lamps with gold and silver designs for giving the bathroom a rich look. A golden or silver beaded pendant will throw a good amount of light while bathing in the morning or at night.

Glittering Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "pinterest"

Multicolored Lamps

You can pick a multicolored lamp for placing in the bathroom. There are many beautiful colors available in these lamps, which you can choose such as cherry red, green or blue. The bathroom will look more awesome in a layer of colors and you will simply get the heavenly feel.

Bathroom Multi Colored Lamps Ideas

Image Courtesy: "yasemin"


Scones are one of the most popular bathroom lighting interiors which you will find in modern homes today.Stunning scones hung above the mirror look so decent and it will throw the light in the entire bathroom area. You can then place a cabinet under these lamps for the elegant appearance of your bathroom.

Sconce-bathroom Lighting

Image Courtesy: "interiordecoratingcolors"

Sparkling Lights

If you want a magical spark in your bathroom, you can choose a crystal pendant with intricate designs. To beautify the look of the bathroom, you can then place an artistic mirror which will reflect the light in the whole bathroom.

Sparkling Bathroom Lighting

Image Courtesy: "simpleandsweets"

LED Lights on Both Sides

An LED light on one side is a great idea, but if you place them both on top and bottom of the mirror, they will give a more royal look. They are power savers and at the same time very glowing ones.

In most of the hotel and restaurant bathrooms today, you will find automatic LED lights on both the sides of the mirror that light-up only when someone enters.

Bathroom LED Lights Bulb Ideas

Image Courtesy: "inwebexperts"

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights will give your whole bathroom a good look. You can place them on both the sides of the bathroom. Additionally, you should choose elegant ceiling lights for more brightness. Vanity lights come in various sizes. You have to choose one according to your need.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "ronbow"

Glass Light Fixtures

The bulbs in the glass shaped fixtures are one of the latest bathroom lighting tips. You can then place a flower pot alongside the wash basin. For a more vibrant look, you can also choose a unique towel hook.

Bathroom Glass Light Fixtures

Image Courtesy: "dreamascream"

Light Tubes

If you are the person who loves soft glow while having a bath, you can try light tubes. They can be fitted adjacent to the windows and the shade is just appropriate without much brightness. Light tubes will look great both in the day and at night.

Bathroom Tube Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "679artists"

Backlit Lighting

Lights placed behind the mirror will spread the positive atmosphere in the bathroom. You will cooler and more relaxing with backlit lighting in your bathroom.

Backlit Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "chuckragantix"

Indoor-Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

This is also an amazing way to light your contemporary bathrooms.

Indoor - outdoor Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Image Courtesy: "theydesign"

Final Words

There are lamps available in the market, which keeps the atmosphere of the bathroom cool and calm. While choosing lights for your bathroom, you should pick the ones which are attractive and provide proper brightness in the bathroom.

You can now plan to change the bathroom lighting, as per your wish. You can add colors, designs, shapes and lots more in your bathroom or simply ask our experts help.

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