Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Home's Solar Panels

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 05-Sep-2023

Solar panels are a magnificent way to utilize natural sunlight to power your home.

Many individuals install solar panels to save money on their energy bills. Despite the high installation cost, this type of eco-friendly energy is cheaper in the long run.

Unlike other energy sources, solar panels require little maintenance as they don't have mechanical moving parts. But despite their low maintenance, they still need to be checked regularly to ensure they're in optimal shape and performance. 

Lack of panel maintenance and monitoring of their performance can lead to premature mechanical dysfunction, leading to reduced energy production that can increase energy bills. But with proper upkeeping of solar panels, you can enjoy electric bill savings for up to 15 years.

Solar Panel maintenance tips

If you've searched for this post, you're probably part of the eco-friendly energy movement. If you're wondering about the different ways to maintain your solar panels, you have come to the right place. This post looks at the best tips to help preserve your home's solar panels. Read on to know them!

Have Technicians Perform Annual Inspections

One of the ways to take care of your solar panels is to have experts inspect them each year. An annual inspection by a qualified technician is necessary since they handle all the mechanical and electrical components appropriately.

They evaluate the solar panels for any potential damages like limb or hail and examine all the electrical components connecting to the solar panels to ensure they're intact. They also inspect the inverter, perform routine maintenance according to the manufacturer's requirements, and evaluate the meter hookup to guarantee efficient power delivery from the inverter.

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An expert review of your solar system ensures your panels serve you maximally and helps identify minor issues before they escalate. You may want to reach out to reputable providers such as the solar electricians at Static Electrics for the best solar power service.

Inspect Your Solar Panels Frequently

Solar panels are installed in high locations whereby they aren't at risk of ground-level debris and damage. Their spot also makes it difficult to see their condition every time.

However, it's a good habit to regularly inspect your solar panels to ensure their efficiency isn't compromised by debris build-up or any other visible issues. Just like windows accumulate dust and other debris, solar panels also do the same, so it's a good idea to check their condition regularly.

Create A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Although solar panels require little maintenance, they need regular cleaning for optimal performance. Experts recommend cleaning your solar panel at least once a month to remove dust build-up and other debris for your system to work efficiently.

If you've had the system for a long time and it has gathered a lot of dust and debris, you can hire expert cleaners as they have the right tools to clean your system safely. Cleaning it yourself when the dirt is too much can compromise the system leading to unnecessary damage.

If the dirt and grime are manageable, you can clean the panels using non-abrasive cleaners and a squeegee or sponge. It's crucial to be gentle and careful when cleaning to avoid damage to the glass surface, as this may cost you a lot of money. If your panels are installed at a steeper tilt, you can use a hose spray pipe to shower away any dust or debris on the solar panel.

Monitor the Performance of Your Solar System

The best way to detect problems in your solar system is by monitoring its performance. You can do so through daily, monthly, semi-annual, and annual checkups;

Daily checkups: This involves checking the inverter to ensure it’s fully functioning and that the green light showing your system is working optimally - is on. If the green light is off, you should refer to the manual for any potential issues. It's also vital to keep a daily performance record of your solar system to analyze its system performance over a long period.

To avoid the hassle of recording the daily outputs, you can invest in modern inverters as they have software that automatically records the daily performance of your system.

Monthly and semi-annual checkups: This checkup involves ensuring that your solar panels are clean of any dust and debris that may interfere with the performance of your system.

Annual checks: This checkup is more detailed and extensive to ensure your solar system is working efficiently. These checkups include analyzing general performance by reviewing daily outputs for any significant changes and identifying potential problems to the solar panels like scratches, fractures, corrosion, browning, and moisture penetration.

It also involves checking the cabling to ensure it's secure and that the voltage is within range; checking water damage in fuse boxes, junction boxes, and switch breakers to ensure they're functioning normally; and making sure that the mounting hardware is in good condition.

Ensure the Solar Panels Receive Adequate Sunshine

While the solar panel may function in the presence of daylight, to ensure maximum effectiveness of your system, they need to receive sunshine for as many hours as possible. Although installers set your panels in suitable conditions for optimal sunlight, this can change with time. Trees around your home can overgrow, bringing shade to your solar panels. So, it's essential to trim these trees to ensure your panels receive sunlight.

New constructions near your home may also impact the amount of sunlight your solar panels receive. In such a case, if the panels are heavily affected, you might consider repositioning them for them to receive enough sunshine.

Additionally, other temperature conditions can limit the amount of sunlight your panels receive. For instance, during winter, many homes experience snowfall. While it might be tempting to shove off the snow from the solar panels, it's heavily discouraged as you can easily damage the glass surface.

Since solar panels are installed at a steeper angle facing the sun, the snow slowly slides off on its own after a few hours or days. If it takes longer to slide off, you can contact the experts to remove the snow from your panels.  


As you have read, your solar system can serve you for years when properly maintained. Just like taking care of your precious car or any other expensive equipment, it's also good to preserve your solar system, given its benefits. We hope the above tips will help you maintain your solar system to ensure you get the most out of it.

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