Straight from Experts, 10 Carpet Cleaning Tricks

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 30-Aug-2022

Carpet Cleaning Tricks and Tips

Carpets are elegant interior decors to furnish the beauty of floors. No matter what your floors are made of, carpets are a prime choice for numerous people. But, the true struggle starts when you can’t get rid of any stubborn stain out of your carpets.

Basically, carpets provide a warm welcome to your guest through its softness and smoothness. Moreover, carpets are kind of protection to your expensive floorings such as hardwood or engineered hardwood floors, tiles, and corks. 

But, carpet cleaning can be a mess if you have no idea on how to start with eradicating the stains from your carpet. Not any more, because we have gathered 10 pro tips from cleaning to maintain the suppleness of carpets.

Now, let's start cleaning your carpet by applying professional strategies.

Trick 1: Use Vacuum Cleaners

If you don’t clean your carpet regularly then it will be difficult for you to sustain with the foul odours. Why neglect carpets when you can use simple measures to clean them? Vacuum your domestic carpets more often in a criss-cross manner. And, do it multiple times. Because a single swipe might not be that effective for carpet cleaning.

Use Vacuum Cleaners

Moreover, those carpet areas beneath furniture are difficult to clean. Hence, use all the vacuum accessories that come with your vacuum cleaner to effectively reach every inch of the carpet. Also, don’t forget to read out the vacuum cleaner manual thoroughly. You will secure appropriate knowledge of using the vacuum.

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Trick 2: Forget Rubbing off Stains

Whenever you encounter any stain you want to rub off the stain. For instance, while washing clothes you rub clothes vigorously to eliminate stains. But for carpet, scenario is completely different. Here, rubbing won’t make any improvement. Rather, it can worsen carpet and its looks. Then, what’s the solution? Try to blot instead of rubbing.

Forget Rubbing off Stains

Rubbing can make the stain piercing through layers of carpets and gets absorbed within the fibres. Hence, the stains become permanent ones. But, if you use a clean and soft cloth to blot the spilling liquid then it can help in lightening the stain. So, grab a cloth or sponge and make dabbing gestures to absorb the leftover liquid to the cloth.

Moreover, you have to be cautious while blotting. If you perform this technique from inside to outer edges then the stain will be more visible and you are just increasing its area. That’s why experts usually oppose such a blotting tip. Rather, you can make inward strokes while dabbing with a sponge or paper. It will minimize the stain and its area, eventually.

Trick 3: Use Shaving Foam

Might sound underwhelming but it’s true if you make the right application. Any ordinary shaving cream can deliver miraculous results while applied over carpet stains. And, experts have hallmarked this trick with enough evidence.

Use Shaving Foam

Whether your carpet has encountered any stain due to wine spilling or accidentally poured ketchup then shaving foam or cream can be a saviour. Apply a coat of shaving foam over the stains on carpet and let it do its job for half an hour. 

Meanwhile, make a solution of water and white vinegar with half-and-half proportions. After half an hour, blot the area with a sponge, and don’t rub at any cost. Spray the water-vinegar solution on the staining area. Wipe out the solution after a while. The stain must have gone away. If it doesn’t work then repeat the process until you get your satisfying carpet cleaning results.

Trick 4: Ice for Chewing Gum

When you have kids in your house then a chewed up gum on the carpet is a very common incident. However, a chewed-up gum can enter your home through your shoe. Whatever the reason be, the main thing is that you can’t keep your carpet in this circumstance. You have to eliminate the chewing gum.

Ice for Chewing Gum

Here, an ice cube or two can help you to remove the gum. Rub the ice cube over the dried chewing gum for a minute or so. It will make the gum frozen and solid. As it makes the grip lighter, use a spoon to remove the gum from your carpet. Well, you might have to cut a few strands of your carpet if the gum sticks badly to the carpet.

Trick 5: Clean Carpet Regularly, Section-Wise

If the carpet is too large then it would seem traumatic to clean the carpet. But, the matter of fact is that you can hold the beauty of the carpet as long as you deep-clean or regularly clean your carpet. Thus, we have got another pro carpet cleaning tip for you. Make imaginary sections of your carpet.

Clean Carpet Regularly, Section-Wise

Yes, this simple hack would save your time and your carpet. When you are done with a section you need not vacuum it again. Don’t make the vacuuming harsh; rather consider multiple criss-cross strokes for collective times. Additionally, if the carpet gets cleaned more regularly then it gets a lesser chance to stick dust and grimes. 

Trick 6: Miracles of Club Soda

According to carpet cleaning experts, club soda can do miracles to eliminate strong stains of beer and wine from carpet. But, the main criteria is that you have to follow the instructions carefully. Let’s get started.

Miracles of Club Soda

Simply, pour club soda on a cloth and blot the victim zone of the carpet with that cloth. If this doesn’t make any visible difference, don’t panic. Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar in 50-50 proportions. 

Spray the solution over the stain. Let the area soak in the solution for fifteen minutes. Now, grab a sponge and let the sponge absorb the solution from the carpet. You might repeat the process if you want to lighten the stain to a great extent.

When the stain has got lighter, wipe the area with a cloth soaked in warm water. Use your hand to make the strands natural. Next, use paper towels to absorb the moisture from the carpet.

Trick 7: Use Dishwashing Agent

Grease is literally an enemy to carpets. But, experts have suggested a very basic item to fight against grease on carpets. Just add in some drops of dishwashing product to water. Spray the solution on the grease. Don’t rub; blot the area with a towel. However, if the grease is arrogant then repeat the process until you get a satisfying result.

Use Dishwashing Agent

Trick 8: Tackle the Oops! Situation from Pets

It’s quite natural for those who have furry friends at their house. However, pet accidents don’t only stain stains but also invite bad odour. An organic cleaner is enough for dealing both of these. Spray the organic cleaner on the stain. Here, you have to rub the carpet a little bit.

Tackle the Oops! Situation from Pets

Then, you can mop the area with a damp cloth and patting dry with paper towels. Repeat the process if required. Moreover, sauce and coffee stains can also be eliminated with such non-toxic and organic cleaners.

Trick 9: Iron the Wax

Dripping wax from burning candles can stick to the carpet and such wax droplets can stick to carpet very badly. And, if you are trying to be quite rough then the fibres of the carpet can get ruined. Then, how can you remove hardened wax?

Iron the Wax

Wax can be eliminated easily if you can turn it into a liquid or semi-liquid state. Cover the wax with a towel. Place iron over the towel. Don’t forget to change iron setting anything else from the steam setting. Wait until the wax melts. Once the wax has melted, remove the wax with a knife.

Trick 10: Hydrogen Peroxide for Minor Accidents

Any small accident can make you bleed for a short time and the blood drops on carpets. Bloody stains on carpets can give you scary and negative vibes. Turn your carpet into an aesthetically pleasing one again with this carpet cleaning trick.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Minor Accidents

First of all, mix a mild detergent with water. Use the solution as a spray to loosen up the dried blood. In addition to this, you can use a knife to scrape off the excess stain from carpet’s strands.

Next, apply concentrated hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. Wait for a while and blot the fizz with paper towels or a cotton cloth. By now, the bloody stain must have vanished. 


Here are the 10 carpet cleaning hacks for keeping your carpet clean as well as brand new. Moreover, you can consider steam cleaning your carpet for a stain-free and odour-free experience. Additionally, if you do not have enough time for cleaning the carpets all by yourself then seek experts.

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