Tips to Fix an Unevenly Painted Ceiling

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 31-Jan-2022

Did you see an unevenly painted ceiling on your house? Although it sounds bad, there are only two choices that you can follow, fix it or live with it. Don't get that much tense here; we’ve given the most popular and easiest solutions for your convenience.

The good news is you can fix the poorly painted ceiling without repainting the entire ceiling. But the best choice will be redoing the whole thing. To fix it, use tape on the edge of the wall and ceiling to make a straight line. Now select the paint that matches the color of the wall.

While painting the ceiling using ceiling paint, use a paintbrush to touch up the edges and a roller for the rest of the ceiling. Allow the paint to dry completely; it’ll be beneficial for you to wait for 24 hours.


Things That You’ll Need to Fix Poorly Painted Ceiling

       a) Drop cloths

       b) Stepladder

       c) Sandpaper

       d) Razor knife

       e) Lightweight joint compound

       f) Taping knife

       g) Dust mask

       h) Painter's tape

       i) Ceiling paint

       j) Paintbrush

       k) Paint tray

       l) Roller

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Steps to Fixing an Unevenly Painted Ceiling

Did you suddenly notice that your ceiling looks patchy after painting? If you hope that simply painting over an uneven ceiling can not fix the problem. Painting on your ceiling can cause pain in your arms and shoulders. So, don't just rush to paint your ceiling and think for the best.

Follow some tactics that can help you to even out your ceiling, and after that, you can paint a new coat to get a pain surface.

Steps to Fixing an Unevenly Painted Ceiling

Here are steps that you should follow-

Step: 1

Cover up the whole floor with painting drop cloths.

Step: 2

Use a stepladder to reach the ceiling. Now put sandpaper or scrape to fix the raised areas, any dried paint drips.

Step: 3

Now apply a thin coat of lightweight paint or a joint compound on your ceiling with the use of a taping knife. Then wait to dry out the compound altogether.

Step: 4

Wear a dust mask and then use sandpaper again for the rough edges or raised areas.

Step: 5

To get the complete smoothness of paint in your ceiling, follow steps two and three 1 or 2 more times.

Step: 6

a) Painter's tape should be applied to the top edge of the wall and the ceiling. If you want a sharp and clean  painting finish then commit sure you set the tape in a straight line.

b) Use a 2-inch paintbrush to apply primer over the dark wall colors which leaked on the ceiling.

c) Use a foam brush and dip it into the ceiling paint. First, try small and even strokes over the prime areas. Allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat.

d) Paint spatter can be removed using paint remover. Then, if necessary, you can use a cotton swab or artist’s brush.

f) After that, remove the painter’s tape from the ceiling.


Tips to Fix Paint Lines in a Newly Painted Ceiling

Finding lines on the newly painted ceiling is really disappointing. They are named lap marks which are caused by the uneven paint application. If you have so many paint laps that you can’t fix, you have to repaint them. Following a few precautions will prevent you from facing this type of annoying situation.

Fixing paint lines in ceiling

a) Turn on the light and see the work clearly to check the paint. It’ll be best if you use floor lamps.

b) Sift through the ceiling whole problem area. If there are a small number of lap marks, then try to fix them by touching up the paint.  Remember, you should always use the paint that is originally used as the ceiling paint. Stir it smoothly after mixing it with water.

c) Pour some ceiling paint into the tray and use a roller. Be careful not to overload your roller with paint. Use the feathering technique to blend the old and new paint. Stir the paint and let them dry properly.

d) If the previous paint is not satisfactory, repaint the entire ceiling to fix it. Even it’ll be a good decision if you repaint it when there are so many laps marks rather than trying to fix them. Use flat paint, which is typically used to hide the imperfections.

Tips to Hide Uneven Ceiling Lines

Hiding the uneven ceilings with paint or crown molding is the popular one. With these techniques, you’re camouflaging the uneven ceiling cleverly. The most important trick is to use a darker color on the walls of your room and use a lighter color on your ceiling.

Tips to Hide Uneven Ceiling Lines

Though this is the most popular way, you can also use darker colors on the ceiling or paint lighter colors down the wall. However, both methods work well, yet, using the lighter color on the wall will be the best. For your own advantage, you can use a chalk line on the in which place the slant begins.

You can also use this straight line to paint the other walls too. If you like to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall, follow the same procedure. Make sure you’re making the chalk line along the ceiling, then paint it with the wall color.

Another trick to hide the uneven ceiling is crown molding. Use a straight chalk line across your wall that you can also use for each molding section. Once the molding has been installed, you can caulk the gap between it and the ceiling. Try to select chalk that is tinted to match the molding.

Are Uneven Ceilings Dangerous?

Having an uneven ceiling in your house is not dangerous at all. But the uneven joists are harmless only if these issues originated throughout the construction. When you have the joist issues in your hand, you have to fix these immediately.

Uneven Ceiling

Wrapping Up

Getting paint on the ceiling is the most important thing in house painting. After doing this job, when you see some uneven patches are available can make you feel bad after doing this hard job.

That's why here in this article, we've given you all the most straightforward solutions to do. Follow the instructions, fix it properly and make your ceiling more attractive to others. Suppose you face any issues regarding fixing the unevenly painted ceiling; comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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