How to Decorate House with Rugs - Everything you Need to Know

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  • 02-Nov-2022

A rug should not be missing in your home. In the environment that you feel most comfortable with, you will see that they will bring warmth to your feet and a much more harmonious and elegant space.

How much life and color do rugs give our house… and how warm they are! As in everything, there is an extraordinary offer on the market for all tastes and all pockets. Plain, patterned, classic, modern, short, long, synthetic or natural hair, silk, wool... in all possible sizes.

decorate house with rugs

Rugs are elements that make up the decoration of floors and bring warmth to an environment. They are widely used in Mpchs Phase 2 homes. They manage to transform cold interiors into comfortable spaces thanks to their thermal and acoustic insulation properties. But yes, they require special care so that they do not become uncomfortable and harmful.

What Types of Rugs do we Have?

The variety of origin, size, texture, design, or materials used generates different classifications of the types of rugs. Regarding the size, we find rugs, folders, and tiles. The texture or shape of the fabric offers different classes that adapt to needs of each environment or area to be carpeted. Some are looped, cut, and woven hair, with their variants and combinations.

The materials are varied, from synthetic fibers, leather, wool, or natural fibers, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Among the synthetic fibers, we find nylon, polyester, and acrylic. And among the natural fibers are wool, sisal, coconut, tatami, and others. The material is also very important in its finish.

What Type of Rug to Buy?

We have to take into account what we want it for and the performance we hope to get out of it. It is not the same to buy a "fashionable" rug on a whim as a good and durable rug.

Now, long hair is very fashionable. Aesthetically, nothing to reproach them, for they are very pretty and also very soft to the touch, but... when it comes to cleaning them, it gets complicated, and if there are small children at home, I imagine them full of breadcrumbs. They are not to be discarded for this; they are beautiful, but only buy them if you can take care of them and have the time and resources to maintain them.

On the other hand, within the short-pile rugs, there are acrylic, wool, and silk. For allergic people, without a doubt, acrylics are indicated. The silk ones are super delicate and very expensive. Within the wool, we also have to know how to choose. There is glued wool (the back is uniform) and knotted wool (on the back, you can see the knots). The ones made of glued wool shed a lot of hair while they are new. The knotted shed less hair or even nothing. Almost all of the modern designs are made of glued wool, while the oriental ones are knotted.

Vegetable Fiber Rugs

Vegetable fibers are used to make many objects that we can use in home decoration, whether they are made by hand or industrially. They offer the unique warmth of natural things. In the market, we can find a variety of rugs and even rugs made with these materials.

Its rustic finish and weave can be more open than synthetic or traditional fibers. The variety of colors is not wide because they are all limited to the colors of the natural fibers, although some allow dyeing, but the way of braiding and weaving makes them unique pieces.

Types of Plant Fibers

The fibers with which these rugs are made have different origins and qualities, which give certain characteristics and resistance to the fabric obtained.

Jute: this fiber is one of the cheapest, and you can get it in colors because it can be dyed. Because it is a delicate fiber, it is not recommended for transit areas, although it is especially suitable for bedrooms. Very susceptible to stains.

Sisal: it is a fiber that is very resistant to wear and tear, so it can be used in areas of greater traffic. It can be obtained in different colors and with anti-stain treatments.

Coconut: coconut rugs are made of fibers from the coconut plant or coconut tree. They are the most resistant to wear, so they are the most appropriate for high-traffic areas, such as a hallway or entrance of the house. You must prevent them from getting wet.

Algae:  fibers of algae and marine mosses, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They do not develop fungi as do the rest of the vegetable fibers in contact with moisture. They are special for houses in humid climates.

Bamboo: These rugs are not made from the fiber itself, but from small bamboo slats in one color and various natural colors. They are attached with threads to another fabric that serves as a support.

A couple of things to note about vegetable fiber rugs are the price and maintenance. They really are not that expensive, it also depends on the fiber with which they are made, which varies in price, but in general, they are usually quite accessible. And although, thanks to their framework, they can absorb a lot of dust, they are easy to maintain. It is only recommended not to use them in humid areas or where they can be easily stained.

Tips on Decorating with Rugs

Within an interior, a special sector can be created with a rug. They are usually placed under a group of furniture, under a table, or in the center of a room. It is special for large spaces, providing warmth and specific sectors.

The design and colors must be consistent with the rest of the elements in a room. Simple color patterns or plain rugs give rise to a more homogeneous decoration while keeping attention on other objects; instead, vibrant colors and elaborate designs transform them into  focus of an environment.

When to Buy: Rug Sizes

There are different opinions. Personally, I like the rug to “breathe”, that it does not overwhelm, it leaves space, and does not get under sofas or beds. The same as hallways. I don't like to see a hallway where you only see the rug. I also like to see the ground. But this is just a personal appreciation. You have many ways to use rugs, depending on their size.

These rugs are perfect for living room or in the form of a carpet for corridors and bedrooms, as they provide a very pleasant warmth. In addition to being decorative, the rug must be functional and comfortable, so you should keep these tips in mind:

a) Leave considerable space from rug to walls

b) Create environments by grouping furniture around it

c) Avoid using them in workplaces and transit areas

You have a recommended size of each home space. And there are a variety of options for the bedrooms and the living room. You can read a special note on the right size of rug for each environment

How to Keep Rugs always Looking New?

Although rugs are an excellent option for use in decoration, they require very careful treatment to keep them looking good for longer, let's see what we can do to keep rugs looking new.

Before Cleaning it is Better not to Get Dirty

It is necessary to keep clean all the areas surrounding the environment where the rug is located, mainly an outdoor environment such as a patio or the entrance of the house. Also, the interior environments that are not carpeted must remain impeccable, so as not to transfer dirt or dust with the feet to the rug. It would be good to place a mat or rug at the entrance of the room that allows you to clean your feet.

Vacuum Regularly

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is a very important point in the maintenance of rugs. Precisely because this is the only means by which it can be cleaned at home, removing any dust particles that could accumulate. But it is not its only function; vacuuming rug helps keep the fibers in good condition.

The period of this cleaning is relative to traffic that it has; for example, in high-traffic areas, they should be vacuumed daily, in case passage is regular, they can be vacuumed a couple of times a week, and finally, if traffic is light, rug would need a weekly vacuum cleaning.

Remove Stains Immediately

It's inevitable to spill liquid or anything else that messes with the cleanliness of your rug, but there are ways to remove just about any kind of stain, and you need to do it quickly to prevent that stain from becoming permanent.

Avoid Marks and Wear

Furniture and other objects can leave permanent marks on the rug. Some mobile objects, such as desk chairs with wheels, can wear down the area where they are located. All this can be avoided by using protective disks for legs of some heavy furniture or plastic protectors.

When to do a Professional Cleaning?

Professional cleaning is necessary for good maintenance of rug over the years. It is not necessary to wait for the contained dust to be visible. It can harbor more than it appears. Professional cleaning should be done every four months on a high-traffic rug, once a year for a medium-traffic one, and for a rug that does not have many footsteps; at least one cleaning per year would be necessary.

I hope that these tips will help you and serve to keep your rugs in good condition, not only for aesthetics but also for a matter of cleanliness and health.

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