6 Aspects to Consider When Selecting Curtains for Open Areas

  • Author : KreateCube
  • 21-Nov-2020

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to decorating the home comes from selecting the curtains. And if you add the open plan areas into the equation, you may get stuck before even starting!

Tips to Selecting the Right Curtains

Decorating your house is a unique and challenging project, and we’re encouraging you to do it. Even if some spaces may be a bit more intimidating, you shouldn’t lose hope and find the motivation to complete your project.

Is it Challenging to Select the Curtains for Open Plan Areas?

New builds come with open plan areas, a.k.a. single large space with several functions. You have a kitchen, living, and dining space in one big room.

Choosing the curtains for these spaces may seem effortless. Still, when you’re trying to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space, the curtains become an excellent tool for your decorative ideas.

Should you use the same curtains for the whole space? How much can you play with the colors and textures? Is aesthetics the only aspect to consider, or you also have to pay attention to function? Keep reading to find out what aspects to consider when picking curtains for open space areas.

Want Some Modern Living Room Interiors

Your Lifestyle Needs

Even if aesthetics is important, you shouldn’t choose over functionality, especially when working with ample open space. You have to know how you’ll use every area of the plan room.

For the kitchen zone, a blind will work better, as moisture and heat generated by cooking can affect the curtains' fabric.

Look for blinds made with rigid materials, with roller blinds as a popular choice. The roller blinds present a lower risk for fire hazards and are effortless to clean; there will be many smells and grease in the kitchen area, so you want curtains that have better protection against.

The Layout of the Space

An open space with irregular shape will allow you to use various curtains for various areas, as the room is already visually broken up. Square or rectangle spaces also will enable the use of different curtains, but only if the curtains match the furnishing nearby. You should still try to maintain the coordinated zones. 

Shell curtains, beaded curtains, or sheers from the ceiling are great for sectioning a zone without blocking the view to another section of the room.

Don't Skip the Comfort

Even if open floor plans are visually powerful, they’re also difficult to heat. No matter which curtains you select, keep in mind that you have to find solutions for insulating the ample space.

Even if the glass on the windows is double-glazed, you will have a massive surface area to heat, so long curtains and properly lined floor length are mandatory.

Layering and air blocking are solutions, and practical lining will block the sun's rays from fading the colors inside.

Insulated, thermal or energy efficient curtains make the most effortless solution, though, as they’re not just attractive but also functional. 

Consider Thermal Curtains

Insulated curtains are made with heavy, thick materials such as polyester and curtains, blocking hot air inside the house in the summer, and keeping the hot air inside the room in the winter. Plus, they provide the privacy you need in a busy neighborhood.

Thermal curtains come in a great variety of materials, colors, and styles, so it's possible to pick curtains that match your open floor area. 

Insulated curtains work best for rooms with constant exposure to natural sunlight. You may achieve a soothing feeling in the day with energy-efficient curtains or change the evening atmosphere. As these curtains are made with thick materials, they also dampen outside noise, which is extremely helpful when you live in a busy neighborhood. 

Styles, colors and fabrics vary for the insulated curtains, with cotton, polyester, silk, microfiber, and even velvet as the most popular options. You can get the elegant vibe in the living area with some velvet curtains or get a romantic feel with some insulated curtains made with silk. A great variety of patterns is also available for the energy effective curtains so that you can stick to your décor scheme. 

Use Curtains for Dramatic Effects

Open floor plans are practical, but it's relatively easy to overdo or underdo it. It’s best to catch attention to a specific area of the room with a statement curtain, along with some toned-down fabrics for the other windows. Thermal curtains can certainly do it as they come in various patterns and even dramatic looks.

Bold patterns, bright colors, or mesmerizing metallic are ideas to try for dramatic curtain effects. You can create a visual flow but break up the ample space too.


The rule of thumb is that the longer the curtain, the more dressy, formal, and elegant the look is. Short curtains may work, but they will create a casual, more informal, and relaxed feel in the space. You get to decide how the open floor plan will be in the end. 

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to the length of the curtains:

• Curtains should touch the floor if you want a dressy and formal feel.

• Extra-long curtains that puddle on the floor make the romantic areas even more aesthetically pleasing

• Go with curtains to the sill or the bottom of the window trim for the kitchen area. Never use curtains next to the stove.

• Curtains reaching to the floor or draw draperies are perfect for family or dens rooms.

Always Choose with Harmony in Mind

If you don’t want to take any chances, you can still install the same curtains for the entire room, but only if the décor matches throughout as well. When your furnishing style is different from one space to another, your curtains should change too. When they all complement each other, the visual effect will be better. Here are some tips to use for achieving harmony for your open floor space:

• The same pattern in a different yet complementary color

• Two various patterns in the same pallettes

• Various shades of the same color

• Two different colors from the opposite side of the color wheel

• Patterned fabric and block color curtains in an accent color from the pattern of your choice 

No matter which colors or patterns you choose, they complement the decorating style and the color scheme you currently have. To get deep knowledge about decoration and floor plans, check-out these interiors and architectural experts in Greater Noida or New Delhi.

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